Ch10: The Unknown

"Your mine." He whispered lightly into her ear. A shiver ran down her spine. Gently he threw the girl to the mattress and began to remove her thin shirt."Xant." she whimpered as his lips met the tender flesh of her neck. Trembling she wrapped her arms around the boys neck and gasped as Xant pushed her further into the mattress with the weight of his body. The panting female tangled her fingers into the kitsunes hair, his ears drawn back. "Angel." He crooned seductively.

With a start Angel jolted up in bed, the covers somehow in a heap on the bedroom floor, her breathing labored, deep and shallow. She shook her head, the room pitch black. She had somehow woken in the dead of night. With her face still heated she laid back down, shoving her head into the pillow. She trembled knowing it definitely wasn't because of the cold. She wondered if the fox was sleeping under there again, it would just make everything better (sarcasm). She closed her eyes, not even bothering to gather her covers.

It was Saturday finally. The fox boy was nowhere to be found when she had awoken. Then again…she hadn't seen him in almost two days. With a sigh and a slight pang of longing ,the girl had fixed herself some breakfast and was now perched silently on the living room couch watching the kind of show that one would watch to kill time. Moments passed and then, vibrations, she glanced at the tray a couple of inches away from her where her phone rang.

Xant held the bag, the small sack full of special herbs Shizuka had given him once. She was always pro peace, never wanting to hurt the humans even though she could barely tolerate them for their arrogance. He grimaced as he recalled what she said they were used for, and stared down at the item which he held in his hand. He wanted to do this the day before…but he could not bring himself to give the girl the herb. The boy shook his head; he must not allow these foolish feelings to get in the way. She was human. With a somber look and a sad air about him, the fox stood and placed the bag in his jeans pocket. He was going to do it. As he climbed to the roof of the old abandoned union building, the prospect of him erasing Angel's memory weighed heavily on his mind. This is what had happened the day before when he couldn't quite bring himself to do it. He stood there, his ebony locks shifting quietly in the wind. His gaze dropped to the street below then to the sky and the sun shining so bright. Golden orbs closed, the boys mind was filled with uncertainty. So quietly he stood there, he concentrated on his heart beat…slow…steady, slow steady. A technique passed to him by his teacher, Azu. If this is what needed to be done, then he would spend one more day with the girl. A small woeful grin traced his lips, his brow brought together high in the middle. He would say his thanks and then do his duty. He bolted and like a pebble thrown skillfully on the surface of a placid lake, skipped the roofs of the many apartments between him and the human girl.

Angel smiled as she flipped the cell closed and drew her body up from the sofa. She coughed lightly scratched the back of her head. It had been Demitri who had called and, although he had sounded sick, he wanted her to come over. She leapt towards the hallway, and turned her face meeting something hard, she stumbled backwards and looked up into a crooked smiling face. "Hello der little vixen," The person chuckled mockingly.

The Mountain would surly have him killed if they knew just how close to the truth these trackers were. When he had been assigned this task by the head, he didn't know the risks. Just another mission, right? Yeah, so wrong. Play as an innocent sweeper. It had worked so far, but now the two women wanted him to come with, as backup if met with resistance. What could he do if anything went wrong? With a grimace the boy, who looked to be about fifteen, swept a hand through his purple locks in frustration. What was he going to do? Closing his deep blue eyes the boy stretched his wings back and planted a seat on the branch he had been standing on. His hand found the thick wooden collar around his neck. How? How would he handle these- His mind skipped like a CD as something hit him with enough force to knock him clear of off his branch and when the crow tried to recover he was met with opposition. His wings had been bound behind him and his arms forced to his sides. He cried out as his back met with the ground below at a neat five foot drop. He grunted as he opened his eyes, typical. The blue eyed tracker he had come to know so well hovered over him, a grin so wide it made his gut turn. She laughed a hearty laugh and jumped to her feet. "Poor chicken, knocked from his perch." She laughed again and brushed her arms off. She had already rid herself of her fur to look human, so had the black haired female coming up from behind her. Shizuka shook her head and tightened her grip on the small backpack she had slung over her shoulder. "Come on Azu." She said in a rather weary tone. The blue wolf spun around to face the other women. "What?" She asked in a whiny high pitched voice. "This is me having fun!" she pouted crossing her arms. The white wolf sighed and shook her head again.

Kenta, with a wide eyed look of wonder plastered on his features, stared up at the wolf. Her voices' otherwise inhuman high pitched frequency still had his ears ringing. After that moment of shock the boy gathered himself and stood up dusting his black feathered arms off and folding his now muddled wings behind him. "You never change huh?" he murmured disdainfully. The wolf tilted her head in the boy's direction and narrowed her eyes into a patronizing glare. "Lose your feathers, and I might regard you with some respect, chicken." Kenta rolled his eyes and willed his feathers away, losing his black fluff on his arms and the great ten foot sails behind him. Of course it was all a trick to the human eye. One couldn't quite lose what made them animal, but only give the appearance that they had shed their fur, or in his case, feathers. He heard a chuckle as he released the tension of this technique and, before he could react, was knocked on his ass…again. "I lied." Azu sneered, looking down her nose at the fallen bird. "Come on guys." Shizuka called from a good distance away. The white wolf made a visor out of her hand, shielding her eyes from the sunlight; the scent was leading her to the bridge. "Across the gap," She said to herself as she looked back to find Azu blowing a raspberry at the karasu. Poor bird, she thought.

A window had been left open and that's where, hanging upside down, whilst gripping the outside of the window frame, the kitsune scented the air, finding the girl's scent all over the sofa which stood just inside the room he clung too. Xant climbed in, his golden eyes rested on the couch where a thin blanket with a howling wolf printed on it lay in a mess. The foxes features softened at the thought of the girl curled up asleep beneath the fabric. He crept through the hallway taking care not to make much noise, but he caught something in the air. It wasn't a scent it was the energy, a strange energy. He craned his neck around the doorway of the female's room and found her in her bed, under the covers. She lay there quite lovely. Yes it was definitely mating season back home. He swallowed hard and knocked on the door to the female's room. She shifted under her blankets. His ebony ears swiveled back and his tail twitched. The fox moved to step into the room, a foul odor flooded his nose, and he coughed at the sheer concentrated density of the stench. Like dead animals. The boy blinked away tears as he staggered into the room, curse a foxes' acute sense of smell. "Sha please," The fox's ears flicked up at the sound of a hoarse voice. "I can't smell dat bad." Though the reek seemed to overpower his sense of smell, he managed to turn and find a large stocky form leaning against the wall, a wide wry smile on the stranger's lips. This was nothing compared to the stench so close to his nose as unknowingly the fox was pinned to the wall with enough force to knock the breath clear out of him.

A filthy crooked yellow toothy grin stared Xant in the face. His ebony ears lay flat against his skull as the man's breath met his nose before he spoke. "You da Xant, huh?" His face was a shade of sickly brown, his cheeks were dotted with black spots; his black matted greasy hair fell about his forehead in a messy unkempt fashion, atop his head sat two round black ears. He laughed, oh that laugh, a hyena's laugh.

Xant cried out, without warning the Hyena man gripped and pulled with fierce force on his tail bone. "You da one getting the Golden Fox?" Xant whimpered as the man, still holding the fox by his neck, yanked at his tail again. "Dint your masa ever teach you da tail trick? You a rather patetic thing." He laughed his hyena laugh again, and tilted his head towards the human girl still lying motionless in bed. "She not sleepin, she poisoned, little fox. Why chuyu tink she has not woken up yet?"

He didn't know exactly what to feel at that moment, there was a surge of emotions. Heat rushed through his whole body somehow travelling to his skull; overpowering hatred had formed for the hyena who could barely speak proper English within a span of sixty seconds. Through the extreme discomfort and pure furiousness he some how forced a strange aloofness to his surface, showing not one hint of resentment for the man restraining him. "Don't you care attall?" The man cocked his head to the side in genuine perplexity. "I thought dat girl was important to you fox." The grip on the fox's neck tightened as the man turned to look at the females form on the mattress contemplatively. Xant gagged and the large hyena turned his attention back to the boy with a large wicked grin playing at his lips. "She's a rader fine little human, no?" With his grin widening further and his yellow teeth once again showing, he reached into the pocket of his filthy tattered jeans and brought forth a small purple leaf with serrated edges. Xant glanced through tears of agony at Angel shifting again on her bed. She looked fine, he didn't understand. Shizuka had never spoken of this poison, and she knew almost every poison out there.

There was a weedy attempt at a furious growl from in front of the fox, that insufferable stench being thrown in immense magnitude in the boy's direction making him cough. "Look at me naw, Xant da failure fox." The growl turned into a low hum in the back of the larger male's throat, while in the mans free hand, which at one point was resting on Xants tail ready to pull at any moment, he pinched a piece of the purple leaf into a fine damp dust between his thumb and index finger. "This is from the great Twister, leader of the rebel." Xant began to claw weakly at the man's hand holding him; the grimy finger that had the purple substance on it began to inch closer to his face. "You mother fucker!" the fox spat, now regaining his voice after the paralyzing shock of his tail bone being tugged, his stoic appearance broken by the frustration that seemed to grip him. In a way everything at that point was darkness, his better judgment had betrayed him and he wanted nothing but to slaughter the vile smelling creature holding him steadfast, while not even five feet away Angel lay potentially dyeing.

The fox gagged and retched all in the same act as the hyenas greasy hand tightened yet again on his neck making him labor to breathe, soon his windpipe would close and with no air came no life. "Stop squirming Dammt!" The still nameless man bellowed, pushing him into the wall hard. Xant's ebony ears swiveled back as the man flicked his black bangs from in front of his forehead to rub the fine purple dust on the flesh there with his dirty thumb. The fox gasped, immediately he felt the catatonic effects overtake his body. With a nasty chuckle the man released his grip on the now paralyzed boy's neck, letting him drop to the floor with a thud. "Donchya worry der fox, you got a much lesser dose den dat girl." He gestured to Angel, motionless for the moment in her bed. "She gonna die." A wide sadistic smile stretched across his sickly brown face. "I made sure of it."

His face frozen, the boy could only sit there staring up at the animal that seemed to slip his claws grasp. "Now," the hyena began. "Twister said pass on da word." He glared at the fox. "Tell dose women trackers your with to clear out. You bring dat golden fox to the park across the gap when you get him ya hear?" A sudden look of recollection passed over the brown eyes in the man's head and he snapped his fingers. "Also," Clumsily he crouched down in front of the stone boy and reached nimbly into Xant's pocket pulling out the small satchel that held the herbs. "You forget my face, fox. Remember everything else" The man drew from the pouch a handful of powder, held in the palm of his hand for a moment then blew it into the fox's face. Obscurity plagued the boy's vision for an instant before complete darkness overtook his thoughts. The Hyena stood up on his feet and chuckled before glancing over at the human in bed. "What a waist." He verbalized shaking his head. He smiled and looked back down at his victim. "Masa will be very pleased."

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