Soul Carrier


Hell was a fabrication. In a world where you never die. In a world where getting yourself killed means a temporary rebirth effect and a momentary loss of reputation, No one is afraid to die. The only means of ending is by disappearance or being taken by the gods. Hence the world where the goal is to please the gods and attain ambitions. This world, is Nostale.

Akkie was a mage who did not fear death. Like many other people who face stronger creatures, he knew death does not do permanent harm to anyone. But Akkie was an unreligious person. He never read the Furmos, the Bible in their world. He did not know the rules by which the gods have forbidden the people.

Akkie had a friend named Juno. Juno was a good friend, a crusader. Juno prayed a lot and through thick or thin helped out Akkie whenever he got himself into tangled situations. Yet no matter how many times Juno asked Akkie to glimpse the Furmos he never would. Akkie never saw a reason to as he had never invoked the wrath of the gods.

As time passed Akkie saw visions of a silhouette in the markets, but whenever he came close this shadow disappeared. Akkie did not know what this meant as he was not too informed of the supernatural. He did not know these were the Feared Beings.

Late one night, Akkie entered the private market. Most of the merchants were sleeping and leaving their loyal pets to guard their merchandise. What Akkie saw was unexplainable, the silhouette he normally saw as a blur was glowing. He saw the shadow's face and he realized that what he had been seeing all along was a child. A very strange child.

Akkie was curious. He approached he child, thinking the image would go away like it always did. But today the mirage stayed.

"Mister, have a good day?"

"Uhh.. yes."

"Mister, would you like to buy something rare for very cheap?"

Why the heavens not? Akkie thought. "What have you got?"

"A soul carrier. A special price for you my lord. Five hundred thousand and no lower."

Now Soul Carriers were a rare commodity in Nostale. Only the nobles were able to afford such an item from the creators through sacrifice. And these nobles of course could not sell such things for any price lower than seven hundred thousand. Six hundred thousand in the least.


As soon as the carrier had touched Akkie's fingertips Akkie felt a surge of dark power pass through him.

The last thing Akkie could remember was the child's grinning face. A sad yet satisfied grin.

"Where am I?"


"Who speaks!"


"My god."

"You guessed right. I am your god."

"Goddess Clinique!"

"You are a bad boy Akkie. You should know better than to buy a cheap card carrier."

"Goddess's tears! What on Nostale are you talking about?!"

"Oh sorry. In this story's language you call it a SOUL CARRIER! My bad"

"What? I have never bought a soul carrier" Akkie lied.

"Tsk tsk Akkie. No lying to God"

"…So what now?"

"You have been forbidden to return to Nostale as AkArchmage for buying from GoldSellers"

"GoldSellers? I beg you pardon?"

"Oh sorry. The gods have a new language now. I forget you still call it Feared Beings."

Akkie only ever heard of Feared beings once, from Juno. He did not pay attention then but he sure wished he did now.

"But you are a god! You can help me right?"

"Sorry Akkie. No bargaining. But I'll see what I can do."

"But I have friends on Nostale who I haven't even said my farewells to! This is unfair!"

"Unfair is when you bought the cc when the money used was stolen."


"Oops. Soul Carrier I mean"


"Anywayz. You can reincarnate yourself and live a second life, but your former one might not come back."

"…you're mean."

"Oh, now you're getting the hang of our new language. Good good."

"Fine, I'll wait. But I want my mage body back."

Akkie's friends noticed his disappearance a week after the reckoning. Who knew getting resurrected took so long?

Then one day Juno got a whisper.

"Hey Juno"


"What on Nostale…what do you mean nubified?"

"Oops sorry. The past week when you were gone the gods visited and introduced this cool new language!! Too bad weren't here Akkie."