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I pull the thin metal across my wrist. A red line appears. I start to count.




Then the pain comes. It comes like the first cold rain drops at the beginning of a rainstorm. It's relief.

I put the tiny razor down, Disgusted with my very existence. I mean who wouldn't want to die after watching their mother shoot their father then shoot herself,

And not even trying to stop her.

It happened when I was six. I heard my parents fighting, which wasn't unusual for them, except this time my father didn't hit my mom. He sounded afraid of her. I

was curious as to why so I snuck downstairs and peeked in on my parents in the kitchen. I couldn't see my mom from the angle I was at but I saw my dad and he

looked like he just saw a ghost. I adjusted my angle so I could see my mom. What I saw was a very scared looking woman with a gun. I knew it couldn't be my mom

because she was a very timid person, the most she would do when my dad hit me or her was raise her voice and that was rare.

But the women with the gun had the same pretty long blonde hair I helped brush every time she was crying, the same passionate tawny eyes that slowly died

every time my father hit me, but she didn't have the same voice. No, this woman's voice was filled with anger and fear.

Then she shot. Not once to end our misery, but twice to end our misery and break my heart forever.

That night I held my mom's dead bloody body until morning. As soon as the sun came through the shutters I called 911. I know, "Stupid kid", I should have called

right away, but I couldn't because even though I was six I knew that once I dialled that number I wouldn't be able to be with her anymore. I wouldn't be able to

brush her soft blonde hair, I wouldn't get any more comforting hugs, or to see her pretty smile.

I know I probably sound like a creepy kid with a mother-complex but seriously, If you were in my position what would you have done?

So after that traumatizing period in my life I got adopted by nice people who said they would help me get over the trauma. Their names are Nicholas and Sarah

Yaetmen. They've helped me, but I still feel like if I had just called the cops when I saw the gun, I could've stopped the whole bloody mess.

And what's worse about the whole situation is that I'm mostly sure it's me they were fighting about. I know that because that's what all their fights were about.

See the thing is that ever since I was little I could ... hear things. Not like little bump noises in the night (but those still scare the shit outa me) more like peoples

thoughts. Well the minds actually, like Even if I didn't want to know something about a person... I couldn't help but know... It's really hard to explain. But that's not

the point in this paragraph... Ok well it is... But whatever. Ok so all their fights would be about me, even if it didn't start out that way, their fights always led to me. I

mean one time they were fighting about asparagus and the next thing you know... BAM It's ALL about me.

My mom thought that my gift was incredible... My dad thought it was a curse, Like I was born of the devil and belonged dead (positive thinker he was). So

whenever my dad would hit me, or beat me, My mom would step in and tell him to stop... of course that led to him beating her...which is TOTALLY worse.

So I think it would suffice to say that my dad was a bit of a bastard. I don't know why my mom married him. I have asked her before but she would just change the

subject. So of course I knew that he was a probably a really nice man until he found out about my "gift".

That is why my life, no very existence, is just a pain for everyone around me.

But I have learned how to suppress other people's thoughts... so I don't hear stuff they want to keep their own secrets. I haven't told Nick or Sarah about this

mind thing yet, because I like them... I don't wanna hurt their beautiful relationship like I did my Parents.

Oh yeah I didn't mention this but Nick and Sarah have a son. So I have a ... brother? I don't know what to call him since technically I'm not related to them in any

way except a few papers saying they have custody over me until I'm eighteen, which is in two years. Their son is only fifteen. They had him a year after they adopted

me, though they don't choose him over me even though he's their true son, they treat us equally. His name is Matthew. I call him Mattie which bugs him a lot. Though

he looks up to me.

I think they all would be devastated to figure out I still cut. They caught me once when I was thirteen; I told them I would stop. I feel bad for lying to them but I

can't stop, It's the only way I feel relief in this screwed up life.

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