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We moved yesterday.

Now i get to go to a school were nobody knows me. Thats a relief cause i mean i had so many friends at my last school. If you didnt get the sarcasm there... i feel bad for your ignorance.

I am not the type to make friends easily. I mean... Im not very social. Like Mattie my brother is a super social kid.. i mean if you took his phone away from him, he would have a heart attack. I on the other hand like my laptop. Its nice. But know I have to go to a new school and be the creepy new kid...again.

So my first day of school is tomorrow.

"Kal, honey, come down for dinner!" Sarah shouted up the stairs.

"Kay ill be there in a sec." I shut off my computer and went downstairs.

"So are you guys excited about tomorrow?" Sarah asked me and Matt when we sat down at the dinner table.

I huffed.

"Oh my GAWD, yes im sooo excited i love my old friends but i LOVE to meet new people! I cant wait to see the teachers and the students... Gosh i wish tomorrow was right now!" Matt said excitedly.

"Thats nice dear. And what about you mister 'antisocial'." She asked with air quotation marks.

"um... no... i hate people." I said with a mouth full of meatloaf.

"Well you should follow your brothers example and be more excited."

"Well only chipmunks that drank WAY to much coffee can be as excited as him." I said. Matt rooled his eyes.

"Well soooorrry for being a bit excited." He said.

I smirked at him.

"OK so im a bit over-excited but.. whatever." He said putting his plate in the dishwasher.

I got up and put my plate in the dishwasher.

"Thanks Sarah, The meatloaf was great."

"Oh no prob hun.. and please call me mom, We adopted you like ten years ago." She said.

"Nahh.. i like calling you Sarah better." I said sticking my tongue out and walking up stairs to sleep before the "big day".


I walked down the halls of Martin Welsh High School. It was a pretty clean school.

Me and Mattie got our schedules earlier from the office and then of he went like a racecar to his first class... me... Im late.

I found my first class. Its math. I don't mind math that much, I mean all it is is numbers . Its not that hard.

I knocked on the door. A male teacher with brown hair and blue eyes opened the door so i could come in. I walked in.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Baxter . Your the new student ..." he checked the attendance. " Kal Yaetmen. Welcome to our class Kal." He said in a husky voice. "Please tell us a bit about yourself."

"Um... Hi. Im Kal. I just moved from Ottawa." I said looking through the class.

"Kay well Kal you can take a seat beside Jason at the back." He pointed to the empty seat beside a dirty blond haired boy who had a stupid grin on his face.

I went to the back and sat down. The teacher went back to explaining whatever it was he was explaining before.

"Hi. I'm Jason Belfroy." He whispered as he stuck out his hand. I looked at his hand. He saw that i wasn't going to shake it so he just put it back on his desk. "Ok then." He said as he folded his arms on his desk and lay his head down.

The rest of first and second period went the same; Get to class, sit down, Get asked stupid questions, repeat. Now finally it was lunch. I pulled out my lunch and sat down at an empty table in the cafeteria. The Matt bounced into the room. He had a big smile on his face so he probably had a pretty good day. He sat down beside me.

"Hey Kal! I had the BEST day EVER! I met-" Thats as far as he got before i stopped listening. He seemed to meet quite a bunch of people. But that didn't suprise me, i mean who DOESN'T like Mattie. "-And thats it."

"Oh thats all is there." I said with fake surprise.

"No theres more but you stopped listening so I dicided it was a fruitless effort to try and tell you."

"You thought right my little friend." I said ruffling his hair.

"So how did you day go?" He asked.

"Oh you know... met people... talked.. I had like a like great time!" I said sarcasticly.

"Ha ha ha thats funny. Not. " He said sticking his tongue out at me.

"Hey Matt!" A boy with bright blue hair said waving. He came over and sat next to Matt, following him wear two others. The first was a girl with brown hair and glasses, the second was a girl with Pink hair that was spiked in different directions.

"Hey Matt who's this?" The boy said pointing at me.

"Oh this is Kal, my brother. Kal this is Freddy. Maria is the one with the pink hair, and the other is Delainy." He said smiling.

"Hey Kal! Nice to meet you!"Freddy said.. He's to enthusiastic if you ask me.

"Um..yeah."I said back looking at the table.

"Oh you a non-social person.. I get it."He said still with a stupid smile.

"Thats fine with me!" The one called Delainy said as she sat arcoss from me.

"Oh Delainy that wont work on him." Maria said.

"What wont?" She asked in an innocent voice.

"You flirting with him."

"Why not?"

"Well hes shy... hes obviously not gunna know your flirting."

I scowled, I don't think its nice for them to dub my oblivious.

Then Matt giggled.

"What?" I asked facing him.

"Well that reminds me of that time at the mall, remember?" He giggled when I blushed.

"How did her thinking im oblivious remind you of that incident?" I seriously don't understand how his brain works... they have NOTHING in common.

"No, not that time .. the other time with the multicoloured hair guy who squ-" I quickly put my hand over his mouth.

"Yes... now i know how that could relate." I hissed and blushed more.

Then he bit my hand. I let go and he giggled his ass off.

"Oooo now i wanna know what happend!" Freddy exclaimed.

Mattie was about to retell the story of how a guy with multicolour hair was hitting on me without me knowing then kissing me, I know terrible experience, But i stepped in.

"No! No.. no you will NOT tell them about that." I said with a eye twitch.

"Awwww fine." He said as he pouted. God he was cute when he pouted.

"Woooooww..." Maria said as she oogled us.

"What?" Me and Matt said at the same time.

"Are you guys sure your not like.. Not brothers.. but secret lovers..?"She said with a wide-eyes.

I chroked on my milk i was drinking.

"Ha hahahahha hahaha haha ." We both burst out laughing. This happens at every new school we come to, We are not brothers for real.. but we act like best friends... well cause we are best friends. And we share almost everything.

"Wow thats like what...the fith time..?" I asked him.

"Yeah i think so... wait your keeping track?"

"yeah well im a very antisocial person... whats your excuse?"

"I donno... it entertains me."

"I don't get it... whats so funny." Maria asked.

"Well we move... ALOT and every new school we get to... people ask us that... "He said.

"Accually.. it's not that funny." I said.

"Yeah its kinda sick."

"Yes very." I said shuddering.

-oingto the dance next thurseday.. i bet that slut is going-

"Huh?" I asked.

Oh my god I think that guy just touched my butt.

I think im going to wear lisa's boyfriend to the dance next Thurseday.




"-al, Kal!" I think that was Matts voice.


"uggghnn" I groaned. I sat up to see a very worried Matt looking down at me.

"Oh Kal! You nearly gave me a heart attack!" Matt exclaimed them hugged the air outa me.

I finally clued into what happened. It hasn't happened in a while. Because when I block my mind from incoming minds... after a while they build up and i get massive headaches. When that happens i lose control and a flood of thoughts comes in.

"ughhnn my heaadd..." I groaned.

"Here," Matt handed me some tylonol, "You hit you head when you fell of the bench."

"Thanks." I said taking the Tylonol.

"It happened again didn't it?" he asked.

"What?" I asked.

"I donno.. you sometimes get those really bad headaches!"

"I don't know what you-"

"NO don't pretend i didnt notice. I do i pay alot of attention to you. And i deffinetly notice." He said with worry lacing his voice.

"umm..." I was at a loss for words. Should I tell him? I mean he IS my best friend. But what if he hates me?

"just tell me the truth!" He shouted sounding really angry.

"Fine... Ill tell you."

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