Wrote this a long time ago (when I was in my "Kill the World" emo phase) Thought I should add SOMETHING, so I scanned all my documents, found this, edited a little, and posted.

The world is cold.

You can't deny it.

Only the strong will conquer.

The weak shouldn't be alive.

Kill to live.

Cheat to survive.

Deny immortality to stay strong.

Believe in nothing.

Have no hope in any gods.

Cry out and you will be ignored.

Ask for mercy and you shall receive none.

Forgive others and you will always be betrayed.

Show no emotion.

What others don't know is your strength.

Know that when you die you are dead.

No prayer will save a soul that has no existence.

Don't hope for life after death.

Want a cease of existence after you die.

Remember that no one will always help you.

Not every blow shall miss its target.

All stories don't end in a happy way.

Compassion makes you vulnerable.

Foes will kill all ties.

Keep no bonds with the world.

Allow death.

Fight to stay alive.

Die with pride.

Bow to no one.

End life with your head held high.

Fear and you will be killed.

Need and you will be denied.

Trust no one.

Distrust your self.

Never trust fully in your senses.

Enjoy death.

Love the taking of life.

Know your place.

Define all odds.