As I sat in my room I couldn't help but let my gaze wonder over to all those pictures just taped there against the wall staring back at me. They've been staring back at me for the last year of my life! I groaned and fell back down onto my bed knowing I should not have looked over there. When will I finally gather enough courage to finally look over there and take the pictures down for once and for all? But I knew my emotions would take over and I would be a mess for a few days. I don't mean a crying every moment I'm alone mess, I mean ill be a bitch to everyone who happens to talk to me in the next few days. And no one wants that.

You're probably wondering what's so important about those pictures. What are the pictures of that will get her so worked up about? Well truth is, their pictures of me and my first love, also known as Jayden the school's player. Don't start judging just yet. When we were together he wasn't a player, he was the sweetest person you would ever meet and we were together for 3 years. But that apparently meant nothing to him, because he ended it one night. And then from that night on he became a player but before all it, he was my boyfriend. The sweet and gentle Jayden that I knew of not the one I hear about from other girls.

Every day I have to pass by him in the halls, or see him in class or at lunch sitting with all the jocks and cheerleaders. I'm supposed to sit there with them but I just can't when he's there. Let me clear some things up for you all listening to me. I'm a cheerleader and he's the quarter back of the football team. Think we would be a good match, I know I thought we were to until that stupid one night. It all happened so quick. Too quick…


We were sitting in the park near my house just snuggling up to each other on the bench watching as the sun set. But as soon as it did, Jayden turned me around so he could look me straight in the eye.

"Kaylee, I have something to tell you."

"Okay Jayden, what's going on?"

"Kaylee...I love you more than anything in the world and I want you to just know how I finally really feel." He started to kiss me after his confession but I just sat there stunned not even kissing back. He pulled back when he realized and looked pained.


"I g-g-got to go Jayden. Ill see you later." The pain become more evident in his eyes but I couldn't keep sitting there any longer. I got up and ran back to my house, not even stopping at my parents' confused stares when I ran into the house and up the stairs to my room. I slammed my bedroom door shut and fell on to my bed.

Why didn't I say I loved him back? Why did I just sit there shocked? I knew this was coming sometime sooner or later so why didn't I do anything. God I'm so stupid. He's probably so upset right now. And I'm even stupider for just running away like that. I am unbelievable.

End Flashback

I can't believe I thought that I was so stupid that night. But I wasn't, cause if Jayden really loved me he wouldn't have gone and done what he did later that night. No guy who says they love someone more than anything in the world would go and do what he did.

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