my little secret

by, Cassandra

Can I tell you a little secret?

These days, I'm so tempted
to just fuck it all up,
and see if I can get
a goddamn reaction.

I dream about it, you know.
What it'd be like to be the
type who doesn't care and
doesn't cry; someone
who walks the line,
and never, ever

I'm not talking

That would defeat
the whole purpose.

I want to be the one
who is secure in her flaws,
and uses them to her advantage.

I want to not be afraid to bite back.
To fight back. To scream and yell
and make a freakin' scene.
I want to make them see.

Only thing… she wouldn't.
She wouldn't care about
what they think.
She'd walk away.

She'd be free.


What a novel dream.