Prologue: Last Words

One Month Ago...

It was the day that I couldn't forget, the day when I finally got my revenge. That day, I am filled with hatred and resentment. Only hatred and vengeance where in mind, disregarded other things that I once believed. It was a horrible sight, it was as if I was bathing in a sea of blood. Where that day I lost myself, my sanity, my everything. I was just like a wild beast, in thirst of blood. A cold hearted beast who took form of a man. That day, the exact day, an entire temple was engulfed with flames. I alone holding myself with a blade, covered with my own blood at my face, wounded stood up in front of my nemesis. It was rather strange that day, for once, I never hesitated to swing my blade against my opponent. That time however, I just lost my will and my resolve to kill.

All my hate, resentment and anger was lost, seeing the person in front of me. A sorceress, wears herself in green robes and hood. She reveals her face to me with a faint smile. I can never forget the evil that she had done, but yet, this time I cannot bring myself to swing my blade against her, to end her life. I tried to gather my courage, tried to stand up. My legs were still shaking, my heart beats fast my body seems to disobey my every command to it.

I've been looking for you... Aktrus. Come to me, never I shall let you go away again. She said and spread her arms to me, calling me to embrace her.

It is rather a shame, I myself, sworn for revenge yet lost the resolve. This is wrong, I am here to collect her life, why did I feel this way? Why am I confused? Do I know her? I asked myself fell to my knees confused.

All of a sudden, my mind blanked out, I suddenly felt nothing at all at moment and was robbed of my consciousness. It seemed like a split second, but when my senses returned to me, blood is already in my blade and the sorceress was in the ground bathed in her own blood. It was warm, it must be new, probably moments. My body just moved on its own, no, probably must have manipulated me as I sense a strange presence around me which seems to try manipulating my senses. It doesn't matter anymore, now I got my revenge, I would rather be satisfied.

In contrary, I feel the opposite, rather of content, I felt guilt and sadness. For some reasons, something inside of me has been telling me that I did something wrong. I felt sorry for myself, but I denied myself of the feeling, tried to hide my feeling of sadness despite of tears rushing through my eyes.

Am I true to my resolve? Or am I just making excuses? Those questions I continue to ask myself as I cry myself that time.

All of a sudden, everything goes dark, all my senses become numb, the heat of the fires I cannot feel no more. It was like I was deprived of everything. All I see was the woman in front of me. Untainted by blood, she stands firm and smiles in front of me. She approaches and embraces me with her arms. I can feel her warmth, I can smell her scent, it is her which I felt that time. It is only her and I, only in that solitary world... dark yet lonely, yet I am contented with only her with me. I feel no hatred, nor everything, but only content. Why did I feel this way? She is my enemy? My object of hate and revenge? But this... I feel the exact opposite...


Shall we be bound together

For eternity, never shall we part

Destiny nor Fate

Not even the gods

Will have the power in separating us

I may loose you, but I will you find me?

May my death be not enough in paying my debts

I shall... I shall however bind myself to you and be with you forever!


The words, that she said that time, before I awoke myself into this world. What it is that she wanted to tell me? Many times did I try to forget these lines, but never once I forgot them, never to this day. May it be a curse or something or an answer that I may not know. It is something however that lies ahead of me.

End of Prologue