Chapter 5: Challenge

It seems like things are getting difficult. He keeps on attacking while my movements are restricted. Nothing physical seems to be able to pass through this barrier. Measuring the diameter of it, it should be roughly around twenty meters. As I bump myself to the barrier, some static force electrocute me and pushes me back to the center. This is quite bothersome, to see myself becoming an easy prey to his attacks. If not for this eerie aura protecting my body, I should have probably a goner by now.

This is hopeless, my enemy is floating from above, while I am here is a sitting duck. How the hell am I supposed to fight back?

Moments passed, the same thing happened, I could not fight back as I helplessly try to endure or evade his attacks. This is getting hopeless I admit. I cannot die here however, I still haven't got my revenge. If only my abilities were fully awakened, I probably wouldn't have any problems in dealing with this fry.

You have no chance in winning against me runt! Say your prayers!!!

My opponent yelled, as he attacked me once more. A powerful blasted me from my position which sent me flying to the edge of the barrier. Again I experienced the same shock but somehow felt a little bit immune to it. This fight is getting more and more hopeless, the more I resist, the more I am getting beaten up. However I'll never give up, not this day, nor I will never let him hand over my life. He must have a weakness somehow, I'll have to find it and fast!

I tried to attack him with my astral chains to see if it works but it didn't, it was deflected as it touched the barrier. It seems like the barrier stops anything with physical properties on it. My opponent in return attacks once again with his wind attacks, I barely evaded it that almost sent me flying again to the edge of the barrier. Looking around, I noticed too that something different is going on. The barrier looks different than it was before. I can also feel energies from outside being channeled to it. Taking them down would be impossible, but somehow, there must be a way in reaching them.

Elemental properties! The least that I would think, but I doubt that it would work in my current state. Although it feels like a part of me is awaken, I am doubtful that I was able to regain my abilities after that moment. But trying however wouldn't do any harm or anything either. If I fail, my fate is sealed, this person seems to be serious in beating me out. My usual attacks are out of reach either, even if without the presence of this pesky barrier. This is a one great challenge... Not bad to keep me entertained. I hope this plan of mine will work though... I should win this gamble if I must!

Air Element I summon you!

I yelled as I position right arm forward and left in support in calling the wind element. I thought that I have successfully summoned my element by feeling the breeze that is approaching me. To my surprise however it was not, it was my opponents attack that sent me flying again to the barrier. My summoning did not work at all, it only made me look stupid! The reaction somehow was different as I expected. Instead, my opponent finds it to be offensive. Thinking that I was mocking him, he went all out with his attacks that got myself beaten all over. This wouldn't happen however if I can use my elements.

Elements you say? But wait, isn't my opponent is using one? Element... Air... Wind... they are the same. I realized as I was sent floating in the air by my opponents attacks. Realizing this, I cracked a smile and then thinks of a plan that may turn the advantage to my side.

I don't get what you are smiling about fool. But after mocking me, don't expect that I would let you live! My opponent in the air yelled as he try to finish me off.

You're waaay too careless buddy, I said in reply to him and stretched my arms and open my palms wide in position at him as I cast an attack. Eat this! I said and I released a powerful attacked I charged from both of my arms that zeroed my opponent. Looking at his expression he is somewhat surprised at what I've just did. It seems like he landed a little bit far from my position. If he might have survived it might be trouble.I could probably imagine the damage that could be brought in the area with that fool go around being berserk. But not being able to show up for a while, it seems like he is likely being downed for a while.

The problem remains with the barrier however, although I can feel that it is being weakened. I think it still could cause me trouble. I stretched my arms near the road where the barrier is in place and tried to attack it with a wind element based attack. Just as I thought, after the attack, a big hole was created but started to close moments later. Soldier that watched us fought suddenly rushed to the hole that I created. They thought that they could stop me with their numbers. Warnings would probably not scare them. I tried to attack them but it seems like my attack this time did not work. The soldiers with the strange-looking spears which is embedded with crystals on it blocked my attack and deflected it on me. I defended myself with a barrier however. Somehow I was somewhat surprised that they got a card in their sleeve.

It must be a barrier of some sorts. Probably the same as earlier but this time, the type that deflects magical attacks. Learning of my experiences, I leaned down and touch the ground with my palms and summoned an earth based attack that impaled my enemies in formation from a distance. After defeating them, the barrier that surrounded me disappeared and the remaining soldiers flees in fear. That does it I think, now that they are running away in fear means I am now safe.

As I start to walk away from the scene, someone from behind calls my attention, telling me to stop. The strange feeling from behind froze me, an aura coming from a strong adversary. It is somewhat filled with malice that gave me the chills. I slowly faced behind and saw a rich looking person. Looking at his attire, he is probably someone of nobility, of higher rank most likely. I did not say a thing as he dismount himself from his horse. I was kind of surprised that I didn't notice him, he seems to be watching our fight a little bit longer. He may not look like it, but I can tell, he's a strong one.

Not bad... To take down one of my servants in that instant. The likes of you coming into our world are getting interesting indeed. You may think that you may be able to take me down by yourself, but sadly to say, you are of no match to me.

The man speaks in a language which I can understand and continues.

I suggest you submit or die, those are your only options... Whatever your goals are that doesn't matter. If you won't submit I will make you through force!

The man seems serious with his words, from the looks of it, he's not an easy one. Escaping will not do good either, probably, he will chase me down or anything. Fighting him probably is my only way out. Despite the odds, with me exhausted with my earlier fight I faced him accepting his challenge. As I faced him I hear the sound of incoming soldiers, the sound of footsteps and metal plates clinking approaching. Probably he has not intention of me letting me escape. My calculations was probably not right, I should have escaped when I have the chance, I only jeopardized myself this way.

My opponent, noticing the approaching troops lowered his guard and then called off our fight. I was somewhat surprised but it seems like this person wants a personal match between the two of us. He faced back and walks away from the scene and said.

We will have to continue this some other time... By tomorrow, noon, we shall meet near the ghettos. Hope you'll come to prove your honor. Defeat me, and I shall tell you something valuable!

The man did not say any further and disappears from the scene. As he disappears, I know it would be fruitless to search for him. I didn't waste time and escape knowing the fact of soldiers heading into my position. It would be troublesome if I would be caught or even be surrounded with them. With their numbers, I doubt that I can last at my current state. Escape would be the most feasible option I could think.

End of Chapter 5