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I am perfect. Or at least I would be if I was a real human still.

See ever since I can remember, which is about two years, I've been a mannequin. I have perfect pale skin, minus the lines that drag from below my eyebrows to just under my cheekbones; I have a nice body, also minus the fact that I have joints. Not like joints that are in your elbow, more like joints that you can see... Kinda like on older style Barbies.

So about two years ago I lost my memory. I was wondering the streets not knowing anything except that for some reason I am a mannequin. I saw big pretty lights so I walked on over to them like a kid at a carnival... and oh how right that is. I was walking right towards a circus!

So I get to the circus and I was AMAZED! It was so big, cheerful, and exciting. I was bumbling around like an idiot when I came across the ringleader.

He asked me my name, the only problem was... I didn't know what my name was. So he asked me were my friends were... I didn't have any of those either. He soon figured out that I had nothing and was an homeless child.

He invited me to live at the circus with him and all the other circus-dwellers. I gladly accepted.

So I've lived here at the circus for two years and I've come to think of the circus as my home and the circus-people as my family.

Knock... knock.. knock.

"It's open!" I yelled, to lazy to get up.

"Oh hey, Leon wants you." Ray said with a grin... that's not a good sign for me.

Rayanna is a contortionist; she's also like a really cool older sister. She's nineteen and has half her head shaved. The other half is filled with wild rainbow coloured hair. She has piercings EVERYWERE!

I walked over to the ringleader's tent and opened the door to see a man with long dark-brown hair and a crimson jacket sitting on his bed.

"Hey Leon, you wanted to talk to me?" I asked wearily, Last time we talked I had to clean the elephant stables.

"Yes I did," He said clearing his throught," I have been thinking... and well how old are you?"

"Um... sixteen... why?" I was starting to feel like this was going to be bad.

"hmm... I see. Well I was thinking and... I'm sending you to school."


"Yes well, your sixteen and have no education whatsoever, so starting Monday you will be going to Dewford Academy."

"But I'm a mannequin; surely they'll figure it out." I tried.

"Well that could serve as a problem... but whatever."

"Huh?" Sometimes he really didn't make sense.

"So off you go to get ready for tomorrow!" He literally was pushing me out the door!"Oh and your new uniform is in your tent!" Then he slammed the door.

"ARRRGGG!!" I yelled at door.

"Hey now! The door didn't do anything wrong." Ray said as she snuck up behind me.

"AHHH! It's not the door I'm yelling at... it's the person that OWNS the door."

"Ahhh I see so he finally told you... Nice timing... tomorrows Monday."

"GARR I KNOW!! ... Wait... You KNEW?!" She just shrugged. "Ahhhh whatever."

I walked back to my tent for a good night's rest.. 'Cause tomorrow I have to go to hell.. I mean school...Yeahhh schhooollll...


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