Yay nuther chapter ... ok so i rote a few chapters out before hand... watever i was bored! hope you like it!

-3 arid


I am currently looking at a VERY disgusting school uniform.

You see I am very much into how I look, and this uniform is NOT what I would call fashionable. It consisted of a dark brown blazer, a white dress shirt, a crimson tie, and a pair of beige and crimson plaid pants.


I can't believe they force kids to wear these uniforms. I mean when you dress yourself you're showing the world your personality... With uniforms its showing the schools... by what I can tell it's a REALLY ugly school...

"Hey boy-o!"

"HOLY SHIT!" I jump ten feet in the air... ok not that high. "Ray I told you before, don't sneak up on me!"

"Hehe... sorry.. Well are you excited!?" She screamed.

"Um.. No. I would rather pull my arms out."

"Well obviously you would rather do that... cause you can... It still freaks me out." She peeked over my shoulder. "AWWWW you are gunna look SOO cute in that!!"

"GAH puh-lease! It's so ... bland and gross."

"Well duh... you usually wear like skirts, black and pink." She stated matter-oh-factly.

"Hey I do not... OK well maybe. But still... they couldn't get like not-brown coloured uniforms." Yes I like wearing skirts... so sue me!

"Well I'll just go and let you get dressed..." She started to leave, "OH yeah.. I'm driving you to school... so hurry."

"Mhmm." I said pulling my shirt off.


We pulled up to Dewford Academy. It was HUGE! I mean wow... It was a big beige castle like building with big double doors at the front.

Hmm so this is what schools looked like.

I was about to get out of the car when...

"Oh hey wait up a sec..." Rayanna went into her pocket and brought out a tiny container." Here." She said as she pulled out a tiny pad covered in light peach powder. She dabbed it on my face.

"Whatcha doin' Ray?" I asked as she blended it in.

"Well you still have lines through your eyes.. This will make them disappear for a while,"She said as she put it back in the container, " Don't worry it's water proof. Here take it with you just in case it comes off." She finished as she put it in my bag.

"Thanks Ray, I guess I'll see you after school." I said wearily.

"Yeah I'll be right here waiting for you." She said as she hugged the crap outa me.

I got out and walked to my imminent doom... ok maybe not... but a school. I pushed open the big doors and walked into the hall. I walked over to the room with the sign hanging above it claiming it was the office. That's were Leon told me to go.

I walked in. There was a girl sitting behind a desk... probably the secretary... With mousey brown hair pulled back into a bun.

"Ah... Hello... I'm Jillian." I said.

"Oh hello Jillian... you must be the new transfer student. I'm miss Petrey the secretary." She said in a soft voice... I like her she seems nice. "Here you go.." She handed me a piece of paper, "This is you new schedule."

"Um...Thank you. It was nice to meet you." I said, waving as I left the office.

I walked down the hallway to room 138... French... I'm glad I get French. It should be easy for me, because living at the circus you pick up quite a few different languages.

Ah room 138... FINALLY ...

I knocked on the door then a Tall man with Orange hair and glasses opened the door. He opened it further and I walked in.


-3 Arid