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A young woman is sitting in the waiting room, head in her hands and leg tapping, much to the annoyance of the man next to her.

"Excuse me, but can you please stop that?"

"Oh sorry…. My first time."

"Ms Banks, you can go in now."

The woman stands up and looks at the door, reading P Hills, MPsy, Psychiatrist. "Oh boy" she whispers to no one.

The woman goes in and closes the door and stops dead in her tracks as a woman rises from behind her desk and comes toward her new patient.

"Ahh Leena."

"Um I prefer Lennie, and I was expecting a man." Lennie said bluntly, looking her over. Not that there was anything wrong with this woman. She was slender, very attractive and intelligent, but at this moment, not what Lennie wanted in a psychiatrist.

"Well I can promise you I'm every bit the competent psychiatrist. And please, call me Phillipa."

"Sorry I didn't mean to offend…" apologized Lennie.

"Look why don't you take a seat Lennie and we'll begin. Try to relax."

They both sit and Lennie starts to tap her leg again.

"Ok… let start by finding out a bit about you and why you are here... How old are you?"


"Your occupation?"

"I work at a strictly women's only club. I'm a bar girl."

"Do you like your job?"

"Hell yeah, the tips are great and the woman to die for."

The psychiatrist just stared at her.

"It's ok, not my ideal job…. But it will do for now."

"Well then, tell me why you have come here"

Lennie shifted uncomfortably "god… that's complicated… umm I have managed to destroy my brother's heart, split a couple up who had been together nearly 20 years and my sister the journalist is about to tell my story in her column to her readers.

"Ok, go on"

"And it's all because I can't control my urges" she shifts again, uncomfortable "it's ruining everybody's lives"

"Urges…. You need to explain a little more. So why don't we have it from the top Lennie, leave nothing out."

"Oh boy, well it started around 3 months ago, while I was working"

Lennie returns to that night at the bar where she works (in the past)

"Hey Len, that girl down the end of the bar wants you to serve her" yelled her friend Jen "every time I ask she says she's waiting for you."

Lennie nodded and strolled down to her "what can I get you honey?" drawls out Lennie in a husky voice.

"Ummm scotch and cola thanks" stutters the woman.

Lennie returns with her drink and the woman hands over 20.00 "please keep the change" said the woman.

Lennie was shocked "it's 15.00 tip, are you sure?"

The woman nodded "and if you keep serving me, I'm happy to keep tipping you" she smiled.

Lennie shrugged "ok love, no problems with that."

Lennie returns to the till and chatted to Jen "I just got a 15 tip from her."

"What…. that ageing woman? Jeez she must be 50, I thought that women her age don't stay out past 9pm" laughs Jen.

"Hey don't be so mean. Regardless of her age she is still one hot looking woman and if she is going to tip me all night, I'm hers."

A little while later Lennie caught the woman waving at her and strolled over "back again... Do you want the same?"

"You got it"

"I don't forget a drink when a good looking woman orders it from me" Lennie flirted with her customer.

"Oh I don't, really."

Lennie returns with her drink and before she hands it over "got a name honey?" asks Lennie.

"yeah it's Kate" Kate hands over 50.00 note this time "you can keep the change."

"Oh this is too much"

"No you're worth it" Kate smiles, enjoying Lennie's attention.

Lennie smirks "look, how about I give you change but not from the till. Lean forward."

Kate trustingly did and Lennie touched Kate's face and kissed her, holding it for 5-10 seconds "is that enough change?"

Kate blushed. "Wow… yeah" she stuttered "what's your name?"

Lennie was working her well "I'll tell you when you order your next drink" and winked.

Lennie was raking in the tips and her bar friends were jealous. Jen tapped her and pointed "looks like mother hen wants you again. What you giving her this time?"

Lennie laughed then walked over "back for more? You must like the drinks."

"No the personal service" said Kate, a little bolder now.


Lennie served and as she grabbed the note Kate didn't let go. Lennie leaned over "c'mon then"

Kate kissed Lennie and they went at it for a little longer, Lennie giving her a little more by unleashing her tongue. The sounds of the bar were hooting and hollering at the kiss. Kate backed up and blushed.

"It's Lennie…."

"Well I've had enough to drink, I've reached my limit." Kate said sadly.

"That's very responsible… well Kate, my shift finishes in 2 hours… if you want to hang around."

Kate's heart nearly burst through chest "ohh ok"

Lennie's shift finished and she grabbed herself a beer and another scotch. Kate waved her over and Lennie offered her the drink.

"So you usually do this, tip bar staff highly?" asks Lennie.

"Only the really sexy ones" Kate continuing on with the flirting.

"Hmmm, well then" Lennie puts down her beer "I think I owe you some more change" she kisses Kate again, this time with a lot more feeling and hand groping. Kate shivers and backs away "wow, you can really kiss."

"I've had lots of practice" boasts Lennie.

Kate didn't know what to say or do. Lennie was out of her league and not to mention deviously young.

Lennie drained her drink "let's blow this joint and go back to my place."

Kate looked at her still full drink and Lennie laughs and grabs her glass, sculling it "no excuses Kate, I won't take no for an answer" Lennie playfully forces.

Kate had no intention of saying no and followed behind Lennie like a puppy with a new toy.

Lennie opens the door and switches light on to her very small, run down apartment. It was rather untidy and Lennie apologies "sorry bout the mess, my cleaning lady's away" she goes to fridge and grabs a beer.

"You want?"

"No I'm good" Kate stands in one spot, nervous.

Lennie looks at her from head to toe. Yes, she was older than the girls she usually takes home, but her shyness, and then the occasional boldness just turned her on. Lennie moved back towards Kate while drinking. She holds bottle to Kate's lips "It will help relax you."

Kate takes a mouthful and swallows, and by then Lennie was kissing her neck, biting, followed by her lips in a full on kiss. She sucked on Kate's tongue and felt the older woman shiver. Lennie grabs Kate "c'mon lets take this into my bedroom"

Lennie kicks off her shoes and puts the bottle on side table. Kate just wanted to grab the young girl in the black tank top, black jeans and blonde spikey hair. Lennie then unceremoniously pulled her tank top off and faced Kate.

Kate legs felt like cement, she wanted to go over and touch her breasts small perfect mounds, her nipples erect. She wanted to lick them, but felt stuck in one spot.

Lennie was already one step ahead and walked back to Kate, grabbing her head and kissing her, then guiding her down to her breast where she latches on, her tongue flicking across, then back to sucking and squeezing.

Lennie kissed top of her head "fuck yeah… that's it Kate."

Kate then intrepidly tackles Lennie's jeans, unclipping her belt and pushing them down. Her hands touching, massaging between Lennie's legs.

Lennie steps back "I'm so fucking wet Kate…." Lennie drops her pants and lies on her bed, leaning up and grabs her bottle. She takes a mouthful smirking at Kate. She knew Kate was just moments away from pouncing.

Kate put a knee on her bed but Lennie pushes her foot up to stop her "uh uh…. You don't get into this bed unless you are naked baby, those are my rules" and she winks.

Kate unbuttoned her shirt, her hands shaking. Lennie continued to drink, wondering if Kate was ever going to get undressed. She gargled her beer then swallowed rudely. Kate crawled up but it was Lennie who pounced, flipping her to the bottom. She assaulted Kate's her lips with passion and depth. Her knees spread Kate's legs wide as her hand went to work feeling her up and inside.

Kate groaned and moaned at the welcome intrusion.

"That's it Kate, I just want to fuck you, you hot woman"

"Yeah do it" hissed Kate, her self control gone.

Lennie worked harder, thrusting in and out, her thumb pressing her clit. The eruption had begun and Lennie held on as Kate took off, screaming her climax. Lennie knew tomorrow the neighbors would be complaining but didn't care. Kate was catching her breath when Lennie launched at her lips, this time they moved down and circled each nipple. She pauses and takes a mouthful of beer, holds it in and sucks at the nipple. The coldness made Kate squirm and grab at the sheets "jeez" she moaned.

Lennie crawled back up "hmmm you like?"

Kate nods.

"I got sometime else I want you to have" she takes a small amount of beer and holds it in her mouth and hovers over Kate. She lowers herself and releases the contents into Kate's mouth. Kate swallows and then they devour each other again. Kate's legs hug around Lennie, thrusting up. She was so turned on…. She was sure if she had a heart attack now, she would die happy and satisfied.

Lennie continued on down pushing Kate's legs wider. She opens up her pussy and looks at it "god let me die and rest inside your hole" Lennie says.

Kate grabs Lennie "please... please…." she begs.

Lennie grabs her bottle and pours a little over Kate's pussy. She licks, sucks it up along with her cum, swallowing it very loudly. The bottle is tossed to the floor and Lennie goes to business, chasing Kate all over the bed as she eats her from hole to clit. Kate crying and rocking until she finally came.

Lennie proud of herself rises and leans down "my, my, my, Katie…. You are certainly a wild one in the bed"

Kate puts hand around Lennie's neck and flips her while kissing her, and now taking charge. She moves to Lennie's nipples which was boring Lennie.

"Kate, trust me I don't need any foreplay…. Really hun… just want you down there and eat me like I was your last supper.

Lennie was bucking, as well as screaming out her pleasure. Kate's hand was practically wrist deep inside Lennie. Kate just lightly sucked at Lennie's clit, occasionally flicking across it. Lennie grabbed Kate by the head as she loudly announced the moment and swore over and over again. They collapse next to each other.

"I can't remember when I've felt like that. I don't think I've ever felt like that." admits Kate with a laugh.

"Hmmm amazing what a few tips will get you"

Kate sits up "I didn't tip you for this"

"Ohhh well… hey bonus, we both had a great time and I think we should go for the knock out round eh?" she said, reaching for Kate.

Kate got up "I really have to go, wow 4am… jeez I can't believe I'm out that late." Kate started to dress.

Lennie grabbed at her playfully "you're not one of those women with a 9pm curfew are you?"

Kate gets drawn in and they kiss. Kate then playfully fights her off "I need to go. You really are a sex machine"

Lennie turns upside down and watches her dress "so if I told you I am madly in love with you…. would you stay and play?"

Kate laughed "you don't mean that…. And no I won't"

Kate leans down and kisses Lennie's forehead and lips then heads for the door.

"So we will be catching up again….." Lennie knew the answer and was happy for it.

"I don't think so…. Look I had a fantastic evening, really… goodbye Lennie."

Lennie nodded "bye Kate" she had no regrets. No sooner the door closed and Lennie crashed to the bed in a deep sleep, snoring loudly

Back to Psychiatrist (in present)

"Lennie, there is nothing wrong with having sex with an older woman. You don't have to feel shame."

"I didn't feel ashamed, I loved it… the shame came later"

"Please continue then."