Back to day of wedding (past)

"I can't believe you told him we had sex, you promised me you wouldn't say anything" screamed Sarah.

All eyes went straight to Lennie.

Lennie mentally counted down to the massive explosion that she was about to be engulfed in. She also tried to back away but Serena stopped her "ohhhh no…. you are not running away from this little sister"

Josh faced his sister…. "You slept with my fiancé. You are so fucked up, how could you betray me like that?"

Lennie trying to spit out words in defense "but but, she wanted to know, she wanted to be sure that she wasn't gay" groans as the explanation sounded lame and unbelievable "I did it for you" she murmured as her justification sounded just as lame.

Laura eyes flared "You little fucking bitch, you have no god damn morals"

Lennie paused then diverted eyes to Laura "really, well that didn't seem to bother you when you screwed me on your desk the other night" growled Lennie.

Serena gasped in disbelief

"You slept with my mum, you are out of control" spat Sarah

Laura went pale and faced Kate "baby, it just happened the once, I didn't mean for it….. I'm so sorry… please"

Kate just shrugged and shook her head not offering up any comment.

"What you have nothing to say to all this Kate? Why not? It all fucking started with you 3 months ago in the bar…. "

"Oh my god" cries Sarah…. "You fucked both my mums…. You really need therapy"

"You're a real piece of work Lennie" spat Josh.

Laura looked at Kate "you cheated on me, why?"

"Well you spend so much time with your dildo and porn in your study, I needed something."

"Well it's only because you don't put out"

Kate scoffed "well sometimes a girl needs a little foreplay with lovemaking rather than pounce and quick fuck."

"I can't marry you Josh, I am really confused about myself and I can't go through with it" Sarah leaves abruptly.

Josh distraught walked over to Lennie "fuck I hate you, don't ever talk to me again" and he leaves.

Laura and Kate were squabbling, when Laura turned her anger on Lennie "well I hope you're fucking happy, screwing this up for everyone"

Serena stepped out "it would seem to me that you guys were pretty screwed up in the first place. Lennie just happen to step into a landmine of lies and deceit. She may not always think before she fucks, but you have just as much to answer for. You can't even be honest with each other, not setting much of an example for your confused daughter." defended Serena.

Lennie was in tears.

Kate shook her head "you know I can't do this anymore, I've had enough of this and enough of you Laura. It's over…. We are over." Kate leaves.

Laura broke down and ran out after Kate.

Lennie lent against the wall humiliated, exhausted and gutted.

Serena looked at her distraught sister and breaks out into fits of laughter. "Some how…. I don't know how you do it…. But you always manage to make it about you. And I can't wait to write this up for my column. You are an amazing source of drama and antics" kisses her cheek "love you baby sister"

Lennie was alone in the room and slid down the wall to the floor and cried

Back at the psychiatrist's office (present)

Lennie sat forward, head in her hands "I fucked up the whole day, Mum is furious at me. She's done nothing but leave abusive messages on my voicemail"

The psychiatrist hands over tissue box

"Obviously you were holding this in for a while. When was the wedding out of interest?"

Lennie groans "early this afternoon…… I don't know what to do, I need help…. "

"We will work on that Lennie, but unfortunately your time is up for today. I would like you to make another appointment. We have areas that need to be addressed"

Lennie rises and nods "ok…. Sure" she reaches into her back pocked for her wallet, she then goes the front and groans

"What's wrong?"

"Oh god my wallet, it's in my jacket that my sister has along with my mobile"

"I'm sorry Lennie but I do insist that accounts are settled on the day"

"Can I use your phone to call her?"

The physiatrist allows her and when Lennie couldn't get an answer "what do I do now?"

The psychiatrist spoke softly "well I guess I'm just going have to get it out of you some other way" smirking.

Lennie closed her eyes and drops her head and sighs.

Phillipa picks up her phone and talks to her secretary asking her to cancel the rest of her appointments. The current client is going to need much more time, and she did not wish to be disturbed."

Lennie was hoping that Phillipa wasn't implying what she thinks she was.

Phillipa started to unbutton her shirt and placed it over her desk along with her bra. She stepped out of her skirt and panties and lays down on the couch.

Lennie looked everywhere but at that spot "I don't see how this is going to help me Phillipa" her eyes slowly moving back to her beautiful body, absorbing her. Her arousal had well kicked in.

"From what I have gathered, its time we tried some therapy…. by making a start with…. not everything has to be about you!!"

Lennie started to undress "really…. if I have such a problem with sex, isn't this going to make it worse?" she now stood over Phillipa's naked body.

"We are going to have sex… session after session after session until you are sick and tired of it"

"I don't think I'm ever going to get tired…. And I don't think I could afford your ongoing rates"

Lennie lies on top and kisses her neck, followed by capturing her lips. Her hand works through her pubic hair and starts to please her.

"That is something we shall negotiate in our next session Lennie"

The end