This may appear confusing at first (since the scenes are intentionally not written in order), but once you read the whole thing it should hopefully make sense. I hope you enjoy this story!

A Drop of Lavender and Arsenic

By stringless-kite

- X -

Where are you? Please Bentley, I can't do this on my own. I need you here.

- X –

TAKEN OFF SITE. Entering this story for a competition. Thanks for those who read this story!


i. I know that it isn't really confirmed whether Bentley is dead or not, but it's really up to your imagination. The way I see it, it can work either ways. But, from my point of view, I personally think of him as dead.

Don't kill me. Okay, kill me. I am obviously mentally disturbed to write something like this, but I couldn't help myself. I thought of up this story when I was reading through SKoW's 27th Challenge. Unfortunately, as I wrote it, it kept going away from requirements. Nevertheless, I'm still acknowledging SKoW in this One-Shot because it was the main plot bunny to this story.

ii. THANKS going out to the lovely angels and effects for helping me choose Bentley as a name (or I should thank my friend's surname? Haha), being my emo DJ, being the other half of my muse and motivating me to get this done. Another thanks also going out to the fantastic Listerine (that I gargle my mouth with) for teasing me with how Bentley's appearance should look like Ron Weasley. You two girls rock my world.

iii. To my Clutched On readers, the plot will NOT be like this. I'm sorry for not updating Clutched on for a while, but this story needed to be written. Ever since I sneaked a glance at SKoW's 27th Challenge, I couldn't resist writing this.