I can feel my pulse beating in my throat and under my tongue.
It's a caged bird fluttering with clipped wings, and oh,
it makes it difficult to breathe.
Just why can't I get over you? I've tried,
God knows I've tried, but every time I think I've gotten clear away
I find I haven't at all because
you're still there,
sitting in a corner of my mind, waiting for me to give in.
And I will, because I still need to replay
useless memories and read too much into them.
Maybe it's only exposure that's turned them golden,
but that won't stop me from handling them
with fingers of glass. I have to keep my sorrow
from seeping further into them, into me.
There are minutes (there are hours)
my mind doesn't stray towards you
and what could have been (what could be)
but they can't last forever, and oh,
this crazy lovehateconfusion makes it difficult to breathe.