In this pit of concrete

shadows are currency

and acid is nourishment


A body is cheap

cheaper still when lacking spirit

with the fire extinguished

with eyes glazed like gunmetal


Rust is on everything


from fences to door handles to minds to hearts

erosion sneaks through cracks you notice too late

It eats and eats until cracks widen and seams sever

Until everything holding you together is weak and alone


In this metallic jungle

screams are music

and laughter feels like hail


A life is cheap

cheaper still when it's taken

when it's used and sold

when it's smoked like a cigarette


Colours are bled dry


bled until they're all the same shade of red

spreading like a heavy fog over the landscape

They coat the walls, floors, until they reach the horizon

Until your eyes are as red as your empty veins once were