Break Me;

Systematically destroy everything that makes me whole;
everything that keeps me safe.

Transform me;
shatter this cracked glass image.

Toss the pieces of fragments into the glass blower's canvas:
I acquiesce.

Melt away my worldly impurities,
mold me into someone beautiful.

Color me


Author's Note: Hi. :D This is my first poem on fictionpress. I need a favor from you. What would you classify this poem as? Prose, free verse, what? I haven't read anything like the stuff I write, but I think I just need some outside opinions. Thanks for reading, I appreciate it.
ilovetheopera: I couldn't part with the semicolons. I really couldn't. I feel like they're very important to the piece, with the new line breaks. Let me know if you think I'm hideously wrong, but I honestly think they add, as opposed to subtract, from the work.