My eyes closed. I stood like a statue trying to regain my core balance. Aware of nothing other than the wind caressing my body, the rustling of the leaves around my feet, and the steady pace of breath. In out, in out. Opening my eyes the familiarity of my surroundings greeted me, the tall grass, trees sporadically here and there, and the remoteness of the area relaxed my body and mind/

A sound at the edge of the trees caught my attention; I looked and inwardly groaned, Estelle. Nothing could rid me of her, I couldn't believe she had actually found me here. She was actually able to follow me to my place, it was as if a mortal had climbed Mount Olympus un-invited. I began to shake, my eyes narrowing.

"Elliot Striker!" I shouted stalking towards him. The nerve of him! He always started talking to me, then would get furious for some unknown reason and storm away. Just because he was 6ft of pure perfection doesn't give him the right to act like a mental patient with me. I'm the only one he does this to. Not that he talks to many people. I finally found his hidey hole. Now he wouldn't be able to run away from me. He had rust colored hair with a gleam of gold running through it, his eyes a dark citrine. His nose was slightly large but it suited him. He wasn't overly muscular, he was that slender strong, you could see the wiry muscles running up and down his arms and slender body. His face was angular and classically handsome.

As I clenched my teeth I growled out "Yes Estelle" This girl was a complete conundrum to me. I felt this inexplicable draw towards her, like she was my center of gravity. I tried to stay away from her but somehow I always found myself talking to her in the end, becoming angry with myself, and storming away. It's not like there was anything wrong with this girl, that I was aware of anyway. I never talked to people, never felt the need to connect, but this girl, there was something about her, and it drew me to her. I would rather eat tacks then admit this or grow close to her. If I grow close to this girl, even if she is just my friend, I'll never be able to leave her, she will rule me.