Winter Break

I am exited for winter break this year. My grandparents are coming up to Minnesota to celebrate Christmas with the family, and then we're going up to Wisconsin to celebrate New Years. It's going to be fun! On Christmas Eve, I'm going to an Upper Room service at my church at midnight, and then Nicole, a friend of mine, will drive me home. I can't wait! Usually, my parents bring me to church earlier in the afternoon, and they will, but then I have to go back again to help set up for the Upper Room service and so I will be spending a lot of time there on Christmas.

I'm not looking forward to spending so much time with my parents because they are obnoxious and nosy and obtrusive. I dislike the way they treat me- as if I am a small child that cannot make decisions for itself! I get so tired of spending every waking minute of my life with them! They are too controlling!

Wish me luck on this winter breakā€¦

I may need it.


A/N: In 8th grade Enriched English, we had to do these "Start Writing" pieces every once in a while, and they were fun. We'd all get (the same) question, and then we'd have to write a reaction to it. It could get very funny, and then very perverse sometimes. It all depended on the question. Obviously, this one was about winter break.