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"Tyren…Take…Care…" Tyren felt her mother's warm breath on her ear as she leaned forward to hear her mother's last words.

Tyren felt salty tears trickling down her cheeks. She sobbed, "Mummy! Don't go! Y-you can't… leave…me…here!" Tyren tried her best to stop herself from stammering. But, she could not. Her mother was dying. She was her one and only true friend that stood by her side since she had been born. Now, her dim light burning inside her was going off any minute. For an eleven year-old girl, it was just too much to bear.

"Mum! You said you would walk me down the aisle! You said you would!" Tyren buried her face into her mother's chest, unable to believe the scene before her. Her mother's eyes were filled with tears as she said these last three words-


Then, it happened. Her hand fell from Tyren's grasp as every last bit of energy was being sucked out of her once healthy body. Emotions of fear and sorrow slowly faded away from her beautiful hazel eyes as she gave in to the angel of death.

Hilary Nottingham was gone. Never to be revived again.

"Mummy!" Tyren cried loudly, holding her mother tight. Hate and anger clouded her heart the moment she saw the bloody bullet wound in her mother's chest. Her eyes glint with resentment as hot tears burnt in them. She broke out into loud, uncontrollable sobs which escalated into wails.

"What have I done to deserve such agony? Why was a loved one taken away from me? Why is there even a war? Why?!" Tyren shouted. She could not understand why everything so precious to her was gone.

Piercing screams of agony could be heard from afar. Corpses could be seen lying on the floor with blood splattered across the ground. But to Tyren, time stopped. She could not hear or see anything around her. All she could see was her mum, with the rest of the horrifying scene blocked off from her mind.

Tyren Nottingham took a look at her mother's lifeless body. Tears streamed down her face again as she tightened the grip on her mother's cold hand. She then heard her mother's voice echo in her head as she felt her heart ache once more.


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