close the eye
to the world

sometimes its easier
to blame myself
than swear at the
politicans and their
greed when i find
the world killing
survival of the fittest
equals to rule of life,
thank you Herbert Spencer

today, muslims were
beaten by hindus
in bombay, India, because
they hated each other

yesterday, the hindus
got beat up

the day before that, churchs
were being burnt in the city
of my origin

much before that, on
15 august 1947, Gandhi
along with muslims, hindus
and christians woke
into independence through

funny how things turn
out huh? Gandhi would
have cried

sometimes i find it
easier to lock the door
and scream all this
anger out

than give in to crying
because then i'd feel
an oceanful worse

close the eye to the world

and find yourself melting away
along with the scar
of pain, a language spoken
in ways too difficult to