Author's Note: Just little something for Creative writing. We were talking about politics and teens and stereotypes and this came out.

Stereotyping Teenagers;

Stereotyping is the opiate of the masses. It seems like its useful, but it's actually destroying society from the inside out. It's necrotising us as a whole. It is dissolving our collective liver that was never really all that healthy.

Teenagers are the victims of the circumstance and the heaviest users of the drug. We monopolize the industry of hate, and discord.

We use it. We are used by it.

A backbiting circle that we have grown unnervingly accustomed to.

That kid over there with the glasses? Nerd. Have I ever talked to him? Of course not, he's a nerd.

That one girl with the black hoodie and the heavy eyeliner? Emo. Have I ever talked to her? No, emo kids are just posers.

It makes perfect sense when you tilt your head and squint.

But, however disgusting and harmful it may be, we have the freedom to use it, just as we have the freedom to spit our gum into the grass. And it hurts everyone -- stereotyping -- just like our breath freshening and now useless gum has hurt that small beetle trapped underneath it.

We are teenagers. We are stupid in the best of ways and geniuses in the worst. It is chemically inevitable that we will make mistakes.

But we differ.

We differ in the ways that we make our mistakes. His mistakes are mistakes of the heart. Her mistakes are dangerous to those around her. My mistakes don't make a difference.

Can you see? Can you see the variety in us, as a people?

We are one, and we are millions.

We are barely trustworthy, we are a threat to a society. We are your future, so let us make our mistakes now, when the world isn't at risk. That's what teenagedom is about. Pass judgements and let us take the car. Mumble under your breath and let us go to the Halloween party. Whatever gets you through the night.

This is a safe time. Dings can be repaired; addictions can be kicked; trust can be restored when your parents are there in the next room.

Author's Note: Like I said, psuedo-intellectual B.S.

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