I understand.
I hate it;
I hate you;
but I get it.

You can't have a
gay son. Our family
is normal with it's
siblings barely talking and
groups of hate against
grandma. I get it.

I'm fucking it up
beyond repair and you
can't have that because
then people would look
at you
funny; nevermind me,
I get it.

I get that I'm
not a 'part of
this family' anymore because
of a genetic glitch;
because I told you
what I thought you
should know.
I get it.

I get why you
told me to go
to hell. I get
it. One hundred percent.

I don't get why
you beat the shit
out of me when
I told you no
you can't take my
iPod away from me,
I bought this with
my own money.

I just don't get
it because I'm not
a part of the
family anymore right? so,
how are you still
able to lay claim
on my possessions when
you've given up claim
on me?