A/N: As I said in 'Your Rock', my sister's friend recently killed herself. This poem is about her, Jenny, and it's from my sisters POV. The stuff italicized in brackets is Jenny 'speaking'... I think... interpret it how you will.

My happy go lucky girl, where have you gone?
I still feel your presence, everywhere I turn.


There's our picture on the shelf
A frozen image of captured innocence
(Just more junk for the mites to feed on isn't it...)

Then there's your other photo next to it
The one splashed across page three
(But that wasn't the real me...)

Do you remember when we bought these?
Mine were green, and yours were pink
(They never suited me anyway...)

Here's your favourite necklace back
Sorry I forgot to return it earlier
(You might as well keep it now...)

You left your beloved teddy behind
Do you want me to bring him to you?
(He's no comfort to me now...)

What about your future?
Want me to throw that out too?
(I think I already did that...)

But you won't tell me why?
I could have helped you
(Little late for that now don't you think...)

Nothing's the same anymore
It's so empty here without you
(You don't know the meaning of emptiness...)


My happy go lucky girl, why did you leave?
You weren't so happy after all were you...