My Feet Go Click Clack

I feel cold. I'm getting older. I want someone to spend my time with. Everybody needs that someone. But people can't see that I don't have that.


And if I just keep on walking. Through this bitter cold. Maybe I'll find somebody. With whom I can grow old. If I just keep on walking.

My feet are hurting. My face is getting num. It's hard to smile. But I do it anyways. To make the world see me.


Just walk a little further. To places I haven't gone. Through this sun shining so brightly. It hurts my eyes, warms my face. To see the one I love with someone else, all the time.


I'm still going. Stronger than ever before. I'm still moving. Making sure, I get what's mine. I haven't found him yet.

I'm still searching. He's right there beside me. Say something. Nothing comes out. I fell silent, as air pushes me. I haven't found it yet.


As I am walking. The air pushes my hair. Brushes against my face. Lets my heart go on its own pace. As I am walking.

My feet go click clack repeat x' 5 interlude (Walking)