Summary: Abby is a bi-polar 21 year old woman. She has lived for partying, boys, and having a good time her whole life. She has a daughter named Callee thats six yrs., but doesnt let her slow down her personel life, leaving her home with her friend or babysitters. Callee and abby often get in arguements. She loves Mark and wont leave him alone, even if she has a different boyfriend. They have a daughter together named Connie and he gets scared and leaves. He returns when she's 10 months old and they form the strongest bond, spending much time together. What happens when abby thinks that time should be hers and her jealousy and anger pours over the limit? What happens when she decides that its time for connie to pay?

Child abuse warning.

p.s.: Bi-polar is when you feel and act different every 10, 15, or maybe 20 minutes, or maybe even longer. Its kind of like mood swings.

chapter 1;

Its now 1:00 in the morning on June 30, and the screams of a baby girl, who was finally delivered, filled the halls of Crestviews' hospital. She was cleaned off and given to her tired mother. Her young mother,Abby Lynn Byers, looked down at the pink baby girl with a loving expression.

"You gonna hold her?" The young mother asked a young man who was leaning against the wall across the room. At first he looked disgusted, but then held onto a smirk. This man is the newborns' father, Mark Lee Gordon.

"Abby, i dont think so. I think i should go home now." He uttered. "Besides, i came here like you blackmailed me to do." he added. She looked at him sternly.

"Mark! I asked you, and this is your daughter, too. Now hold your daughter!" She exclaimed, exhausted. Mark sighed. He walked over and took the now sleeping newborn.

"Thanks, Mark." Abby said sweetly, batting her eyelashes.

Ignoring her, he stared down at the baby girl. He immediately thought of her as a beauty, but pushed that thought to the back of his mind. How could he be a father? He wasnt put up for it. Just yesterday night he was out drinking, and partying at Alexanders Club, something him and abby likes to do. He knew abby still wasnt cut out enough to be a mother either, though, she already has one other daughter named callee, she doesnt have the patience, or anything. Callee's currently six years old, with brown hair to her mid back and pretty hazel eyes. He hasnt spent much time with her since she isnt his child. Mark could recall abby once telling him that she was lonely and meant to conceive with a random man, who ended up to be callee's father, and that he meant nothing to her, but just a one night stand.

This baby, though, was a mistake. Abby didnt want another child, and he hadnt wanted one at all. But looking at the inoccent infant made him think twice, with her head full of blonde hair and her blue eyes. She looked just like him. He decided to shove that thought to the back of his mind as well.

"What you gonna name her?" he asked.

"Why you care? Not like your gonna stay or anything.." She ventured. He knew she wanted him to say he'll stay and raise the baby with her, because they've discussed it already before, but he didnt know if he was going to yet.

"Im not going there again, okay? Not here." he said quietly, not wanted to wake up the small baby.

"No. Tell me you'll help me. She's yours! I cant raise another baby by myself! Callee's messed up, do you want her to be too?" she exclaimed. He shrugged, which made her angry. He didnt think Callee was messed up.

"If you dont help me, ill tell your mother. I dont care anymore, ill get your ass in trouble." She seethed.

Mark stood still, thinking what to do next. Abby always knew how to get her way, and in this case, she was using something she promised she wouldnt. Marks father is dead, but his mother isnt. His mother doesnt know about his now born child, and abby promised not to tell. Instead she uses it against him.

Abby is a 21 year old woman, with brown hair up to her butt and brown eyes. She currently has no job. Abby is bi-polar and she is stuck up and always wants everything her way. Ever since she was 13 she was spoiled, partied, dated guys, and fooled around. She even met mark in a club. When she had Callee, she wasnt about to let her slow her down, so callee is mostly left with a babysitter or abby's only friend, Amber. Amber has brown hair up to her shoulders and pale blue eyes. She is the only one who would put up with Abby. Abbys' father and mother stopped talking to her for the longest time, but started up again when Callee was born. When they found out she was pregnant with another baby girl, they were overly excited, and they were in the waiting room of the hospital during her birth. Since Marks' mother didnt know, she wasnt there. He was too afraid was what she might think or do.

Abby has one brother and one sister, who were in the waiting room as well. Her sister, Michelle, has bleach blonde hair up to her waist and Callees' hazel eyes at 25. Michelle does not like her sister and thinks shes worthless and a waste of time, but still drops by at her house every once in a while to visit Callee, and she was excited as well when she found out about the new baby girl. Michelle currently has no kids, and is wanting to pursue in her career, as a veterinarian, before she gets 'caught up' in that. Michael, her brother, has brown eyes and short blackish-colored hair at 30. He comes when ever she calls and puts up with her, even though her mood swings could sometimes be too much. He loves his sister and tries too help, even though its practically impossible. He also has no kids and is a high school Social Studies teacher at Crestview High.

Mark is 23 years old, with dirty blonde hair that falls into his face, and ocean blue eyes. He is currently a computer programer. Having dropped out of high school, he didnt think he'd get a very good job, but he knows alot of stuff and got a good job because of it, making big money. He had one sister, named Savannah, who has sandy blonde hair that falls to her stomach and green eyes that she got from their deceased father. He and Savannah still keeps in touch and hangs out, both loving to party and good friends. Savannah doesnt like Abby and they fight often. This scares Mark more, because if his sister doesnt like the mother of his child, then his mother most-likely wont either. Savannah has promised to keep it a secret and was in the waiting room during the babys' birth as well.

"Sure. Whatever you say Abby. But do me a favor and answer my question." Mark finally said.

"Okay! This is just an idea though. How about Connie Lee Gordon. I gave her your middle and last name." She offered.
For once Mark was happy with what she thought up. The name ws cute and catchy.

"Perfect." He simply replied. A red-headed nurse suddenly came through the door and excused herself.

"Sorry, time to take the baby downstairs. You'll get out in a week. Oh! Have you decided on a name?" the nurse rambled.

"Uh, yea." Abby answered rudely. Mark glared at abby and gently handed the newborn to the red-headed nurse.

"Um, okay. The birth certificate will be filled out tomarrow." The red-headed nurse said. She then turned to Mark.

"And thanks. Whats the babys' name?" She asked him, making abby steam with anger.

"Connie Lee Gordon." Mark answered.

"Cute. The name, and her." The nurse said before leaving with connie. As soon as she left, abby turned to mark.

"You like her, dont you?" she seethed. Mark knew she was over protective, but didnt he just dump her a month ago. Just because she had his baby, didnt mean he was hers again.

"No, i dont like her. I think your going crazy." he said.

"DONT LIE TO ME, MARK LEE!!" she yelled, making the people passing in the hall stop in front of their door and wonder before moving on.

"Calm down. Shes a nurse. Chances are, i only see her only one or two more times.." he tried to soothe her.


"We dont even go out no more. Besides, i dont know the nurse, so Abby Lynn, stop it." he demanded, staying calm.

"UGHH, I HATE YOU!" the fierce woman yelled, starting to throw things. Mark guarded with his arms and dodged the things. Being around the bi-polar woman was like living in hell.

"GET OUT!" she ordered, throwing the hospitals' alarm clock. Mark exited the room and sighed to his relief as he heard a glass flower pitcher shatter against the back of the door. When he started to go, the door suddenly flew open to reveal abby running out.

"What?" Mark wondered out loud.

"I LOVE YOU! WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME! I DIDNT WANT YOU TO GO YET!!" she screamed, capturing manys attention. It is so hard to put up with this woman.

"Okay, whatever. C'mon, your not supposed to be up and walking yet." he said. He dragged her back to the room and kissed her on the forehead.

"You were right about one thing, though. Its time for me to go. Besides, family members are still waiting in the waiting room to hear that its a girl." he smiled. Abby nodded, and he left again, chuckling as he stepped over the shattered glass on the floor.

He soon arrived in the waiting room on the first floor of the five story hospital. When he walked into the big, colorful yellow waiting room, Savannah was the first to jump up and hug him. Michelle, Michael, and abbys' mom and dad followed.

"Soo?" Michelle urged.

"Its a girl." Mark stated.

"Maaaaaaarrrkkkk, a name!" Savannah squealed and whined at the same time.

"Connie Lee Gordon." He said and turned to Savannah. "She gets my middle name, and our last name." he added. Savannah squealed loudly.

"When do we get to see her?" Mrs. Byers asked.

"Oh, yea. You can see her today, right now, if you want. She was moved to the Fourth floor, baby department. Follow the sceaming. I already seen her, so im going home. Love ya, sis." he explained, then turned to Savannah again.

"Love you too. Sleep tight." Savannah told him, and hugged him too. Everyone else said their goodbyes, and Mark left.

Mark arrived at his three bedroom apartment at 3:30 a.m. Abby has a nice two story house that her parents bought her when she had Callee, compard to his old aparment with beer bottles that littered his floor. Abby has asked him many times to move in with her, but he just couldnt. She's too much of a handful.
Mark, who had gotten boxes on his way home, immediately started packing his stuff.

He hadnt made up his mind yet, if he was goin to be a part of this childs' life or not, but just in case he wanted to get a head start in packing and he wanted to see Connie again, before he did make his final decision. If he does leave, start a new life with "new" people, and never talk to the "old" people again, he will forget about them and he wouldnt care about his mothers reactions when abby tells her everything, and he knows she definately will, just because he left. It wouldnt matter then. Wouldnt that be nice?

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