This is my first story so any suggestions, tips, or criticisms are more than welcome.

Theme is 'he who angers you conquers you'.

Both main characters must be over the age of 18.

Must use the words: thesaurus, Kaleidoscope, arithmetic, dusky, iridescent and question

One character must say: "You only said that because right now, you're feeling very small inside!"


At some point in the story, one of the MCs must do something very immature/stupid/embarrassing.

No dates

No High School romance

A flicker of lights and an inhuman groan was all the warning before the office elevator stopped. Nash lowered his coffee from his mouth and looked around apprehensively. No. The elevator couldn't stop now, not with HIM in here too. Move you mechanical monstrosity .Nash thought testily. I can't be trapped in here with him!

Harlan and Nash trapped together in a room for longer than a minute equaled disaster. The scene would turn into something similar to two starving dogs staring down the same steak. One wrong move and they were going to rip each other apart. Unfortunate because they both worked at the same office building and lived in the same apartment complex. They hadn't always hated each other; they just didn't acknowledge each other's presence.

Saturday started the chain of unfortunate events that lead to where they were now. Nash liked to think he wasn't at fault. He blamed it all on his drunk friends, if he could call them that. They dared Nash to kiss his neighbor and in his drunken stupidity he agreed. He had walked across the hall, knocked on his neighbor's door and as soon as Harlan opened it Nash basically threw himself at him. Nash had enjoyed the kiss and he dared say Harlan enjoyed it too, until his friends came stumbling out laughing. The last thing Nash remembered that night was a fist coming toward his face.

He had thought Harlan's anger would blow over and the whole incident would be forgotten. Boy had he been wrong. Two days later Nash woke up in his bathroom with his normally dirty blonde hair dyed flamingo pink. Once Nash had gotten over the shock of sleeping through a dye job he was left to fume over his new hair color and ponder how Harlan managed to get inside his house in the first place.

It was October now, two months since that fateful day, and Harlan gave Nash dirty looks while Nash resorted to stealing Harlan's morning paper.

Nash sighed in exasperation; it was just his luck to be trapped in an elevator with him. What had he done in his past life to deserve this? He hazarded a glance at Harlan.

He looked annoyed, with a dark stain on his white shirt, probably from the drink that was now spilled on the floor. It smelled sweet, like hot chocolate. Cute. He never pegged Harlan as a sweets person.

Nash decided to try to be nice and started to look through his bag in search of a napkin. Pen, no, report, no, kaleidoscope (what?), no. Finally! A napkin.

"Here, use this."

Harlan glanced up at his voice with surprised look in his hazel eyes before it transformed into a heavy scowl. "No thanks."

Nash shrugged dismissively, "Fine."

Nash felt suffocated in the silence that followed and began shifting his feet uncomfortably. He needed to distract himself. He hated the feeling of being trapped; not to mention the dusky lighting in the elevator. It reminded him of how his stupid older brothers would lock him in the basement just for laughs when he was younger. To keep himself distracted he started to do arithmetic in his head. The last thing Nash wanted to do was start freaking out in front of Harlan.

Harlan growled in irritation. "Would you stop?"

"Stop what?"

Harlan glared at him. "Stop your incessant foot tapping and demonic chanting. Who knows what kind of evil you're summoning."

"You only said that because right now, you're feeling very small inside!" A thesaurus could have proven helpful just now.

"I think the lack of oxygen has gone to your brain."

Nash thought about that. Suddenly he had a devious thought. He would probably get hit for it but he really had nothing to lose. Besides he could blame it on lack of oxygen.

While Harlan was rubbing at the coffee stain Nash took the opportunity to sidle closer to Harlan until he was inches from him. "Are we really going to suffocate to death in here, Harley? If so, I think we should share a goodbye kiss."

"I think you should suffocate yourself with your tie," Harlan dead-panned.

Knowing he was pushing his luck, Nash prodded on. It was just too much fun to piss him off.

"Aw, don't be like that honey. I know you have special feelings for me." Nash ran his hand down Harlan's arm.

Nash felt Harlan's whole body tense as pure rage filled his face.

"Did you and your friends have a nice laugh?"


Harlan gritted his teeth and pushed Nash away.

"Are you still hung up on that stupid kiss?" Nash asked. "I was drunk. I wouldn't even have remembered it if you hadn't made such a big deal out of it."

"You're a thoughtless bastard, aren't you?"

Nash smirked knowingly. "Did I hit a nerve? My little joke is really a reality? You do have feelings for me?"

Harlan sputtered uneasily. "What do you mean? Don't be ridiculous. Who could like you? You're, you're…"

"Unbelievably attractive?"

Harlan snorted. "Unbelievably full of your-self is more like it."

"Admit it, you like me."Nash said, nudging Harlan.

"No. I'm not going to make a fool of myself."

Nash looked pointed at the elevator door. "I have a confession."

"What would it be?"

"I lied. I do remember the kiss. I think about it." He glanced at Harlan. "A lot."

Harlan started to snicker, "Oh, your face. You should see your face."

"Shut-up," Nash grumbled even as he could feel a flush spread across his face. "Have I been forgiven, now that I'm being laughed at by you?"

"Sure. As long as you don't give me anymore surprise drunken kisses."Harlan smiled.

"How about sober ones?" Nash asked seriously.

Nash looked expectedly at Harlan.

Hesitantly Harlan leaned toward Nash, but just then the elevator gave an unexpected lurch.

Both backed up, Harlan rubbing his nose, Nash his forehead.

The door opened with a chime, revealing an irate boss, people scrambling around with papers and a child in an iridescent costume.

"Harlan, get over here now! I don't pay you to get stuck in elevators. And someone get the kid out of here! Lily is the brat yours? I'm not running a babysitting service here."

The child shoved a bag toward them. "Trick-or-treat."

Nash and Harlan dissolved into laughter.