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Jared Olivers woke up in a pool of his own urine. Besides the foul smell of days old pee, he smelled something ripe and strong with iron. It burned his nose and caused him to start gagging. He leaned to his left side and vomited all over the floor. It was cold, black and white tiles. After his spout he tried to look around him. He felt so numb he couldn't tell if he was moving or not. It was too dark in this room. He tried to think about what the last thing he did was. Nothing was coming to his mind. He started moving his fingers and they were sticking to something on the floor. His elbow moved up and down now as he tried to lean up on it. His head lolled from side to side as he tried to lift it up. It was like his whole body shut down even though he was aware that it was there. He also became aware of his breathing and found that it was stuttering and his heart felt like it was fluttering pathetically. A crash sounded, but it was distant. Then he heard a small pattering that's volume increased as it came closer and closer. A sliver of light now entered into Jared's vision.

"Oh my GOD!" a shriek resounded in Jared's tender ears. He tried to sit up but his efforts failed so he waited patiently for the coming events. The feet sounded slowly now as they looked around the devastating room. "Jared? Rocko?" Jared's mind veered elsewhere. He remembered what he was doing before he woke up. He was arguing with Rocko. Rocko was in one of her moods again. Her scary mood.

"NO! ROCKO!" Who was in the room? Jared still couldn't lift himself up. He could only think. What was happening? Was Rocko okay? It didn't sound like it by the voice that was now hyperventilating and squealing frantically. Now Jared really started to panic. "Oh Jared you're awake!" The voice sounded pathetically. It was strained and almost unintelligible. "Can you hear me?" Jared tried to move his head but it was stuck in place. He tried grunting. "Damn EVERYTHING!" The running sound resumed as the person ran out of the room. Hopefully on the trail of some help.

Jared wasn't sure how long he laid there but his spirits lifted as he heard footsteps again. There were more people now. They all talked at once so Jared, especially since his mind was working slower now, had know clue what they were saying. The lights were on now and he wished they, with all his heart, would go out again. Blood was all around him. On the walls, on the floors, clouding up his eyes. He also saw two stretchers. One was already filled but Jared couldn't see the body. It was covered with a starched, white sheet. He didn't need to see it though. He knew who it was.

"Can you hear me? Jared, can you hear what I'm saying?" The person from before was talking into his ear. The voice sounded somewhat familiar, but he had no knowledge to identify them now. Jared fell off the planet again.

Now the walls were white and the floor that he lay on was soft, yet stiff. White, instead of red overwhelmed his vision as he looked around. His head was propped up, but not of his own accord. Soft pillows supported his weary head. Tubes wove in and out all over his body. He felt like a machine as opposed to a human being. He just wished he wasn't so confused. A nurse walked through the door and smiled at him.

"I'm so glad to see you awake young man. It's been three days. You have a fan club eager to greet you but I'll let them in one at a time sweet heart. I'm sure you're quite bewildered." Jared just stared straight ahead and he tried to nod. He wasn't sure if he succeeded, but it didn't matter. The nurse exited and not long after a familiar face appeared in the door.

"Jared!" Jared's best friend Beckett smiled as he walked timidly in, as if he was afraid he would set off something if he made any sudden movements. He had pale brown hair and his normally tan complexion was paled with stress and fear. He sat in an uncomfotrable looking chair next to Jared's bed.

"Ugh...mmm." Jared tried to croak out some words but it was painful.

"Don't talk please. I will try and fill you in as best as I can. I'm assuming you don't know much." Jared moved his head gently from side to side. Beckett continued on, though his face was pained with the information. Tears cascaded down his cheeks that were now rosy as he was nervous and sweating now.

"Rocko is dead." Jared knew it. He knew it was true, but hearing it come from Beckett's blubbering mouth was torture. He would cry if it was possible but it seemed his eyes were bone dry. He forced a word out of his dry, peeling lips.

"How?" His voice was hoarse and it startled him as it reached his ears.

"She was murdered."

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