AN. Okay I know that the story is told weird but it is from Hel's POV and a little but of Ben's and I guess it also is told from an outside person at points to…sorry if the way its told sucks but just to make some thing clear Hel has a odd habit of speaking in 3rd person when he's older okay…he shows up in another one of my stories and you find that out. Oh and anything in the ()'s means that is what he is saying to the people reading it…I have a very odd way of writing!

(Life has a way of turning out…well odd to say the least when Hel was little…when Hel was still innocent Hel used to think that anything was possible but then it happened and…then Hel's views on life, love, hate, death, and even of himself changed drastically!)

Chapter 1

"Ben…Ben!! Get up NOW!!" a woman yells from downstairs "I'm coming mom" a teenaged boy yells back. "Don't you dare use that tone with me you little brat!" she yells again this time sounding very angry. "I'm sorry mom" the boy sits up in his bed tears already poring from his eyes "God I cant do this anymore" he cries burring his face in his hands. A young boy crawls up on the bed with him and curls up with him "Its okay she'll only be mad for a little wile" he says with a sweet smile. The older boy looks at him and smiles back a sad but happy smile. "I know thank you Hel you are the best little brother anyone could ever want" he says as he hugs the young boy. "Ben? Why are you crying so hard?...did something happen." "Its okay Hel I'm okay there are just a lot of things on my mind." Ben says as he stands up picking up his little brother "come on lets go get you some breakfast" he says with a smile Hel nods happily. "Here ya go eggs, bacon,…um and…here ya go orange juice…" Ben says as he sets the food in front of Hel. Ben sits down a crossed the table from him then pores himself a small glass of orange juice "hm…hey don't tell mom okay!?" he says as he gets up and walks over to there fathers liquor cabinet and un does one of the caps "Bottoms up" he says as he drinks some of the liquid smiles and then drinks some more her walk over and sits back down at the table with the bottle in his hand "Ben…that's not good for you…you might end up like dad and" Hel starts "Don't!" Ben interrupt him "I will NOT! I repeat WILL NOT!! Be like dad…got it" He yells with a slight laugh at the end. "Okay Ben…if you say so" Hel says "Please I beg you don't look like that" Ben says as tears slowly start to roll down his cheeks. "Ben!!" someone yells from behind him. "Oh no…oh God…Not good" Ben says quietly and slowly as he turns his head to see a larger woman standing there with a beer bottle in her hand. "Um…hi…mom" he says quietly right before the bottle gets smashed on his face sending him out of the chair. "How dare you, you stupid little brat I can't believe that you think I wouldn't find out" she yells as she kicks him in the stomach Ben lets out a small squeak trying hard not to scream. "You brat you are just a complete waste of space" she yells as she kicks him again. Tears start to fall harder and the mix with the blood spilling from small cuts all over his face from the broken bottle. She kicks him again in the face this time he screams slightly. "Shut up you stupid little brat" she yells as she kicks him again in the stomach causing him to get sick. "Stop crying and clean up your mess you brat!" she yells as she starts to walk off "Oh and I'll be cretin that your father hears about you stealing his liquor."