As quiet as a bomb,
Ready to blow.
I'm trapped in the depths,
Of hell far below.

My sins torture,
My darkening soul.
It's tearing my heart,
Apart from whole.

Eating the mentality,
That held together my mind.
I fear a friend has left,
Me for all of time.

I've lost someone dear,
She's a blessing to have.
Our actions, despicable,
It makes me sick and mad.

As I'm ponderous,
Of my actions.
My hearts cut,
Into little fractions.

I realize my sins,
And feel hate for my lies.
As I heard of the tears,
Running from your eyes.

My actions are burning,
The goodness of life.
As because of my sins,
I'm living in strife.

I write this to holly,
To apologize.
For the words I spoke,
Those hurtful lies.

I hope that friends,
We can still be.
Like we were before,
Friends; you and me.