Look Back Before You Go Ahead

Look Back Before You Go Ahead

Before we can move on,
You have to review the past.
Look over all the memories,
That come to your mind last.

What did you do yesterday,
That helped your life move on.
Becoming the king of the game,
Defenseless, but no pawn.

The memories that never fade,
Only make you stronger.
But if you think the past don't matter,
You can't be any wronger.

You have to look back before you leave,
Say goodbye before you go.
If you try to leave before farewells,
Access denied; he answers NO!

The point of looking back is clear;
It's all about the learning.
Figuring out what ruins you,
And what your hearts been yearning.

Then you try to better,
Your cataclysmic strife.
As when you look back; then move on,
You better succeed at life.