we spoke in the darkness
making our own light
and it's shining through our eyes,
piercing holes within this space.
there is no emptiness;
our glass is full, and i'm partaking in you.
indulging in my abilities to make you
t h e o n l y o n e .
singling out all of the details
and you make them yours;
falling back into bed,
sleep cannot hold me any longer
nor will my eyelids ever betray me;
exchanging kisses through a phone line
and i'm yours.

we created this night, made it ours tonight
you bring me back together.
as i lay here, the world is leaving
and our light consumes me;
this is the sweetest wine i've ever tasted.
"don't you dare believe without me."
you've known my soul and my heart holds truth --
i'm not going to let one thing lose it's grip,
nothing will scare me or make me fumble;
this won't slip through my fingers or fall between the cracks
there is no emptiness.
our glass is full and you're partaking in me, gently...

the sun is rising, but we are alive at dawn
though a light less beautiful than our own betrays us,
i'm still taking this.
my love will override,
our shining light will drill into the sky,
softening the sun; it tarnishes to a fainter yellow
and the clouds are cookie-cuttered into stars.

exchanging kisses through a phone line...
and i am yours.