I never knew forever could feel so cold
Even with your pretty whispers ringing in my ear.
You often remind me of that one summer
And sometimes, I still feel you here.

In this very room,
Your footsteps echo on the late and weathered floor.
I often wonder if it is just me
Who hears you weeping by the door.

But still, even after all this time,
I believe those lies you once told
And although you're gone, forever lost,
This illusion will never grow old.

I remember your pretty white lace;
The way your dress flittered as you walked.
And as the daylight dies and births the night,
I can still hear your voice from the dock.

Those shores do call to me
When I happen to gaze out at the endless sea,
Hoping, praying for your light,
I beg that you shall never blind me.

The summer air surprisingly sweet
Brings nothing but the best of memories.
And forever will I wait for you,
I'll breathe this toxic eternity.

One day, we will escape
To this beautiful world in my mind.
Until then, I swear to this oath,
I will walk with you until the end of time;
Until the end of time.