My Box

By: xXKittieXx/ XxScene QueenxX

When I walk, I keep a box held against my bosom,
It contains my many thoughts—good and bad,
When I open my box, I reach my hand inside,

I first pull out a picture—it brings back memories that make me smile,
I hug it tightly and place it back inside,
Next, I reach my hand back in, pulling out a spider,
As I do so, it bites me—I scream and toss it aside, refusing to put it back in,

Lastly, from my box, I pull out a heart,
I kiss it as I hold it close against me,
You think I would put it back inside behind my picture,
But, as callow as it seems, I do not,
Instead, I replace it with my box and treasure it forever as I continue to hold it…