A/N: I had to write something for my Creative Writing class for this Reflections contest, and the theme had to be "Wow". I wrote this, only I tried to make it relate to wow, which ended up with a forced rhyme just so I could fit the word "wow" into this thing, so after I turned it in, I editted this poem so that it sounded better. Unfortunately, the version that sounds better doesn't relate to "Wow" in any way... but oh well.

Memories We Made

You told me you were running away

That your last straw burned up today

You told me you can't take the pain

So I watch your future wash down the drain

I see you as you run and hide

Something inside you had suddenly died

No longer were you my happy-go-lucky friend

Apparently such friendship always reaches an end

They paid attention to you, but you never did know it

If you ever were cheerful, you never did show it

At first I ignored it all, for you were just a teen

I never thought to search for the simply unseen

I never looked for the truth inside your lie

I wish I could have just said good-bye

It wasn't until I notified your next of kin

That I realized I'd never see you again

Now this sadness is much too hard to endeavor

So I'll erase these memories we made together