Stacy girl had her own dream
She played it like a tambourine
Didn't care but didn't mean
To frighten off the color's shimmer-glow

Stacy girl had nine lives yet
And lost them all in a fair bet
Can't find it in her to regret
Primavera-donna twist and glow

She's got to get it yet. . .
She's got to have the rest
Starving off our hunger tongues
Giving way to mauve decay and
Giving in to heroin
The lights are all on you. . . .

Stacy girl gave sweet complaints
About her clocks and jilted saints
Cast them all for sparkling paints
She colors more than masks in attic space

Stacy girl had hit the ground
Tumble, trip, and turn it round
She couldn't find the Lost + Found
From all the books her face she did erase

Stacy girl, express your dream
Stacy girl you perforate
Incandescent whys