Word Bank of Abstract Ideas

Pressed against white walls made of hundreds of white tiles lined with mason jars was a girl. She held a bulky backpack in her lap. She held a mason jar filled with words in her hands like a dumbbell. She dropped it then lifted it, letting millions of sentences break apart and rebuild themselves.

The girl uncapped the jar and carefully let the words flow into an empty notebook page. The words oozed into the fibers of the paper creating nonsense poetry, prose nobody could understand. Together the words formed beautiful sentences and stories with no plot. (…by most humble me, god's terrible face I have never love. A clowns smirk, behold! This fool so that my life waiting so clumsily…). She mixed the words together with long, pale, skinny fingers.

Once the sentences solidified, dried, the girl closed the notebook, then the jar. She placed the jar amongst the others. The girl wiped a few articles from the tips of her cold hands as her roommate returned from her shower.

"Freak," her roommate grumbled.

The girl sat silent and creepy and alone in all her meals and all her classes. She alienated all her acquaintances by the end of first semester her freshman year and she began failing her classes mid-term, second semester of her freshman year.

She spent her days collecting words. The ramblings of her teachers (In this parabola, Mesopotamia is a hyperbole for the dimensions of this subjunctive statement). The tentative opinions of her peers, even the mindless chatter during lunch (Oh my god can you believe that fucking cunt didn't put out, I mean why would he do that to me, are you going to the game?).

She had filled two and a quarter jars already that day.

As she sat in the school auditorium, awaiting the beginning of assembly, a boy shuffled past her, attempting to reach his friends at the end of the row. His foot tangled in the strap of the girl's backpack, and he fell to the floor with a dull thud.

Then, a high pitched shatter. The girl scrambled to stop the words, growing and oozing like black mercury across the floor. Curious slithered up a small girl's leg, knotted itself in her yellow hair, dripped into her mouth, and she choked to death. Arduous pinned a shouting senior to the floor as he clawed for his freedom. Hysteria whipped at the legs of the students attempting to flee, catching their ankles and dragging them into a pool of Feculent. A cloud of Enchantment descended upon the students, allowing Nystagmus to drag each student to his or her death.