He Makes Me



He makes me angry when he jibes at me about a supposedly large something on my nose.

He makes me irritated when he starts singing "Barbie Girl" at the top of his lungs. Off-key. And in my ear.

He makes me grumble when he nudges me in the side when he spots something innuendo-y on anything he sees.

He makes me roll my eyes when he says, "The answer is 580!" when someone's already said it. Right before he had. And without the teacher calling on him.

He makes me laugh when he says something actually funny without knowing why I am laughing my head off. And that only makes me laugh even more.

He makes me snort when his friends smack him on the back about "getting laid" when I, for one, know he's done no such thing. And then I wonder how I know, and why I, for some reason, hope his "getting laid" isn't true.

He makes me sigh when another leech-like girl attaches herself to his arm, and I, again, wonder why I actually care.

He makes me cry when I see him with another girl—one who isn't a leech, and one I actually get along with. And then I finally know that I really, actually, truly care about him. More than I'm supposed to.

He makes me confused when I catch him looking at me, instead of the girl-I-like-and-get-along-with, and then I wonder why I feel butterflies in my stomach, even though I should feel guilty.

He makes me feel loved when he ambushes me from behind, away from the girl-I-like-and-get-along-with, turns me, and kisses me, in the safety of my bedroom, where no one ever knew what had happen. And neither had I. I had been too occupied.

And then he does make me feel guilty when we keep our secret relationship going strong… even though we were supposed to tell the girl-I-like-and-get-along with about our secret.

He makes me proud when he finally does, feeling terrible about everything.

He makes me surprised when he tells me the girl had been fine with it, and that she, supposedly, had already known about our attraction to each other, even though we hadn't.

He makes me love him… just because he is him.



Author's Note: Very random oneshot I've been working on for a while. I finally got the muse to do this. Anyways, hope you enjoyed! I loved writing it.

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