"Why can't you accept me the way I am? I am a member of this family! What do you want me to do in order--"

"It's because you're not what you think you are!", he said as he cut me short. My body froze as his voice rose higher than mine.

"The bloodline of this family had given great histories and generations and I don't want you to ruin it nor be in it! You are not one of US!"

"That's not true." I tried my best to stay composed.

"You are not in our royal blood."

"I am one of you! I am Allyriane Cendrine Corbel Von Sylfaen, and no one can change that!" I blurted out as I fought back.

"Your name might be a Corbel Von Sylfaen, but let me ask you, do you have the ability to be one? All of us have proven that since birth. We were the once who chose our name, we are the heirs of the next generation and we are the protectors of the alliance. We have had our abilities. And you, a mere human, is not one of us." He said in a whisper before leaving my room.