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One Against the World

• • • • •

Summary: Rika Yoto: the one girl who singlehandedly caused hundreds of deaths without raising a single weapon. The one girl who was given a bounty for the deaths caused by her pursuers, the World Government. The one girl who knows the fraud of a governmental system their world has, and is chased down because she tried to show the truth to the world. This is her story; the story of a girl against the world.

• • • • •

Chapter One

She had always believed the World Government fought for the truth and for justice; that is, until they tried to capture her. They thought she was a threat to them, a threat to everyone. They had put a price on her head just because she ran from them; and every time she tried to run, someone ended up dead. She couldn't stank to see another innocent life come to an end, but she still ran, for she had no other choice.

The government that she had once believed had changed in her eyes. She used to dream of joining them, but that dream no longer lives; they had just caused her too much pain.

She had left her home two years ago, after the government's assault on her village. They had come to execute her father, who willingly gave his life to them; however, the villages would not allow it, and as a result, her home was burned down, and her family was lost.

Ever since, they had chased her around the world, just trying to capture her. They had tried to take her life just because her father, a government vice-admiral, opposed them; because he had tried to expose their falsification of the facts, their lies of the law, and because he had killed on of the three, corrupt head admirals. But this was an injustice: taking his life, killing his family, and branding his daughter a criminal, just because they knew the truth.

This was the "justice" she wanted to show the world.

• • • • •

"Hurry! Don't let her escape!"

Voices. These were the voices of World Government soldiers who had destroyed yet another town, just to capture this one girl.

She tried to fight back the tears as she fled; fighting as if they were another pack of the government's army. 'Another family took me in...another village tried to protect me...and another handful of lives a lost...' She hated living like this. She hated watching people sacrifice their lives to protect her own. But she had no other option; she had to live on, whether she wanted to or not.

She had run miles from the town that was burning down to the ground on the horizon. With serious wounds, she was in no condition to run from the start. He legs were becoming weaker with every step, and she could feel them slowly give away beneath her. It was withing only moments when she finally collapsed to the ground.

"Come one!" she cursed to herself. "They're coming...I can hear their footsteps...Why now of all times..." The ground continued to soak with her tears of anger and frustration. "...Well, if it is my fate to die now... then be it," she whispered to herself in defeat. "Al least this way, I may somehow make amends for all these deaths I've caused..." Rain continued to fall upon the girl who lay, barely conscious , on the dirt ground that was now becoming mud. She had given up on life, for her life had cost so many others. But before she could even have her wish, everything went black.

• • • • •

She awoke on a soft bed with a lamp hanging above her. She brought her arms out from under the blanket and rubbed her dark eyes as she looked into the bright light. It was when she used her arms to prop herself up into a sitting position when she noticed she had bandages over her many wounds.

"Looks like you're awake," said the young man who was seated at the desk across the small room. "My name is Senji, Senji Chiyo." Every time he had opened his mouth to speak, he held a sweet smile across his charming face that never seemed to disappear.

"I-I'm Rika. Rika Yoto," she told him, lacking the eye contact and the smile.

"Rika Yoto..." he repeated, flipping through his newspapers. "You're famous, you know?"

The girl tilted her head and put on a curious face. "What do you mean..." she asked in confusion.

"Ah! Here it is." Senji pulled out a loose paper and handed to her; as she looked at it, her expression faded and returned to that cold, almost emotionless look,

"Oh...this..." she said, sounding almost disappointed.

She stared at the bold letters which lay on the page before her: Wanted Dead or Alive: Rika Yoto, 200,000 gold. 'Looks like the raised the price again..." she thought to herself as she looked at the large number.

"So, would you like something to drink?" he cheerfully asked, not feeling the bit most awkward that his mood repelled that of hers. 'Warm tea perhaps?"

"That would be nice," she said, giving a warm smile for his innocence.

"Okay, coming right up." And like that, he exited the room to make some tea.

Rika looked out through the window ahead of her, seeing past fog and water that had clung to it. The rain outside was pouring down hard, and she would have been out there to witness it firsthand if the man in the other room making tea hadn't rescued her. But how, and why did he?

Before she got to silently continued this line of questioning, this you man had returned with a tray, and two steaming cups of tea.

"Here you are. Be careful, it's a bit hot," he said, handing her the warm porcelain glass.

She nodded her thanks as she wrapped both hands around her drink and took a sip of its contents.

"So Rika," he began, starting up the conversation again. "If I may ask, what were you doing wounded in the middle of deserted lands?"

"They aren't deserted if you are living here," she contradicted. "Anyhow, it's a long story." She tried to lure him away and avoid the subject. She wanted him to know as little as possible, for knowing her just a bit too well may end up in death.

"A long story? I have time, lots of it," Senji persisted.

"Is this something you really must know?"


She was quickly surprised by his answer. Most people wouldn't have pressed her so far as telling her story, but what else was there to do? It was raining hard outside, and she couldn't make a refusal to the one who saved her life, especially if it were him. So, on she spoke.

"This story all stared five years ago, when I was ten, in a small village they call Verna..."

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