The doors unlocked
The faces empty,
And with my slippers on
I trample on the hardwood floors.
This is only to remind myself of my insanity,
To remind myself of what she traded to become me.
She threw away her eyes into a tub of acid,
And left her heart out in the cold.
Gave her brain to the tin man,
And oiled him some more.
Now misery speaks to her, in the cracked walls of her room.
He whispers his secrets that were once thoughts of a suicidal maniac.
She listens intently slowly becoming something she'd never thought she'd be.
And then she came to me.
With her trembling hands,
And morose features.
Oh how misery poisoned her,
How he toyed with her.
She's been made to believe that she is the Virgin Mary.
Serene and Holy.
Even after her death the very next morning.