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Lucie's Point of View

Hesitantly answering, Angelina slowly said, "We did know each other when we were younger and we did have tea parties, quite a few actually." Not too sure what to say, Lucie looked at them in shock for a moment, before she started asking them questions. "How come I don't remember you all? What happened? Did something bad happen? How did I know you all?"

The questions kept going but Violet started to laugh and Ivy giggled before saying, "You're still as curious as ever." Before Lucie could say anything, Ivy continues, "I'm afraid we can't tell you, we're under strict instructions not to tell you as you're supposed to figure it out yourself and to remember on your own."

Not liking that answer, Lucie crossed her arms across her chest and pouted. At this the other three laughed softly again before Violet said, "Sorry sweetie, that pout doesn't work on us, now on Ian it might, well actually it would definitely work but not on us."

At Violet's comment, Lucie's jaw dropped and she stared at Violet incredulously before saying, "How did Ian get into this?" Before any of the others could answer, another voice asked, "How did Ian get into what?"

Turning towards the voice, they all saw Ian along with Damien, Gregory, James, and Adam standing in the doorway. It was Damien who had talked. All the guys had an amused look on their faces. As if by mutual agreement, all four girls said "nothing" at the same time.

The atmosphere of the room changed when Ivy asked "How is Matilda holding up?" For a while no one spoke. Ian decided to tell when no one made a move to speak. "She helped in giving us a clue as to finding the culprit. It seems that Carter had said a few things before he was murdered but he never finished what he was saying so we're still drawing blanks."

Having found the whereabouts of Ivy, Angelina and Violet, Gregory, James and Adam excused themselves. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Angelina informed Ian and Damien about the memory that Lucie remembered.


Ian's Point of View

When Angelina had told Damien and I about Lucie remembering them from their childhood, I was happy for her and all of them. I was glad that she was starting to remember her past before she was kidnapped.

I noticed that when I had first introduced her to the girls, her eyes had flickered with a sense of recognition, seeming as if she remembered them but a moment passed and she was regarding them as someone she had just met again. The girls were disappointed but they hid it well.

I'm hoping that Lucie would remember everything soon, as we're still trying to figure out who her kidnapper had been, yet most of us had given up on the mystery, I was still trying to solve the mystery, I had my suspicions on my all time rival. Many disagree with me though, some say that I only thought it was I'm because I didn't get along with him, others say that it wasn't him as he wouldn't of hidden her, instead, he would of flaunted the fact that he had her, a fact that I had to admit was true yet still I had my suspicions on him.


For the rest of the day, they all had an almost carefree time. Ian and Damien excused themself not long into the afternoon feigning that they were tending to some duties where really they and a few other men were going to discuss what to do now considering the incident with Carter.

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