Where are You?

Where are you?

I just spoke to you yesterday.

But then the news came to me,

And I found nothing to say.

Where are you?

I'm crying now, I'm missing you so much.

You never failed to comfort me,

With your love and gentle touch.

Where are you?

It's not the same, and will never be again.

Couldn't I have a word of warning,

I cannot remember the last you said.

Where are you?

You left me here, alone and afraid.

My head aches, and my heart breaks,

I need you here today.

Where ever you are,

I hope you know that you are loved and missed.

I'm proud that I held your hand,

And gave you that one last kiss.

You're much more special now,

And that I do regret.

You were the best ever offered to me,

And you're the one I could never forget.