I find it really offensive when people laugh at the face of death.

There were three girls involved in this accident that are from my school. Two of them were badly injured--head trauma. One of them was put into a medically induced coma. They were being stupid, but the boy that was driving could've been charged with manslaughter if one--or both--of those girls would've died. Worse yet, he didn't even call an ambulance right away, he took them home and left them for their parents to clean up his mess.

Granted, we don't like these girls. They're drug addicts and boozers, and they're obnoxious. But no one should be laughed at when they're dying, right? The fact that they could've died scares the hell out of me.

I've known all three of the girls all my life, and the guys that they were with are friends of my cousin.

When I brought up the fact that just about twenty-four hours ago, the chances of the girl in the coma actually surviving were next to nothing, the people in my biology class laughed. Like it was something funny, a girl that lives just a few miles from me, that was in this accident just a few miles from where I sleep, was going to die.

And they thought it was funny.