You hurt me bad, now it's my turn.

You didn't care, but now you'll learn.

You can't mess with me, I'll always win,

So play my game, but don't give in.

You left me for no reason at all,

After all the time it took to fall.

You want me back? Well, no-can-do,

Learn the lesson I'm teaching you!

Now it's my turn to hurt you there,

You want this? So stop and stare.

You can't have me back, go back to her,

You didn't care, so now you'll learn.


a/n: written in algebra, third period. after lunch, i realized my friends were right: he was a jackass to me, and that at the Homecoming dance tonight, i should show off to him what he had, what he gave up, and what he'll never have again. -scoffs- he thinks we can just get back together later. oh, how wrong he is. he hurt me, and i don't ever want him back. never.