Swords of Delon

Chapter 1 Darkness in the Light

"Focus Vivi! You'll never be of any use to Delon, let alone the Vitels if you can't even master a simple spell." Zma barked.

"Yes Master." Vivi growled. Vivi Vitel sat with his eyes closed, and cross legged in the middle of a dojo. He was wearing the traditional clothes of a Vitel warrior in training. Black. Everything in his wardrobe was black. Vivi wasn't a Goth however. He was the most optimistic person in his entire clan. Being the clan of darkness, the Vitels adopted black as their color. Vivi preferred purple, but it wasn't "traditional." He was wearing a black jacket, and no shirt. His pants were long and poofy, and of course, black. Vivi had a black bandanna tied around his head. For some reason it helped him concentrate and it kept his hair relatively tame. Vivi was the only blonde in the Vitel clan, thought not everyone had black hair. His Master, Zma, had brown hair. It was really spiky too; Vivi had actually started bleeding after he touched it. He had done that quite recently so he was wearing gloves on his hands to hide his scar. Only his left hand had been injured, but he wore two gloves because wearing one glove looked stupid. Unlike everything else he wore, Vivi's gloves were a velvety purple. He had been meditating for about an hour trying to master a spell. The spell was the easiest spell the Vitels had in their arsenal. Creating a black mist. The mist could be used as a cover, or a diversion, so it was useful to high class warriors, and beginners. Despite being the easiest spell to learn, Vivi was having trouble mastering it. His job was to shroud the entire dojo in mist, but he had only been able to mask his face. Zma shook his head at that.

"I expected better form the younger brother of Zohn, but maybe his talent was genetic." He stated. Vivi gritted his teeth. His older Zohn was the pride of the Vitels. He going to begin his last year of High School soon and always made straight A's in his previous years. Vivi was supposed to start his first year today, but know one paid him much attention. His parents doted upon Zohn, and so did everyone else in the clan. All of his friends were in the other clans. He was happy that he'd be able to see them again. The only member of Vivi's clan that he could communicate with was Zma. Zma was the Elder of the clan, and he spent most of his time teaching his apprentices. He had taken a special interest in Zohn and Vivi. Zohn had always had a certain aptitude for magic, and Vivi had a certain aptitude for failing. Zohn had always bullied Vivi for his lack of ability, but Vivi didn't care. Even though Vivi struggled immensely with magic Zma still made him a favorite. He was enrolled in private lessons with the clan elder everyday from 5-7:00. However since Vivi's school began at 6:30 his lessons would be cut short. It was 6:15 now. He had 5 minutes until his lesson was over. Vivi exhaled, and he slowly opened his eyes. They were normally a goldish hazel, but whenever he used magic his eyes transformed. They were a misty black and they had no pupils. This was why Zma had taken an interest in Vivi. Transforming eyes were a sing of great magical ability. He knew Vivi had potential, but he didn't know how to bring it out. Zohn was talented, but not even he had the eyes. Vivi remembered what Zma had told him about magic.

"When you use magic you feel warmth in your body. Let the warmth flow through your veins. Let the warmth flow into your heart and have it pump it into your blood stream. Exhale the warmth, and manipulate it." Zma had said time and time again. Vivi got the first two parts down, but he didn't know how to exhale the warmth. His breath was cold. He had seen people breathe out the darkness, but he didn't know how to do that. Zma had explained it to him before, but it was so complex that Vivi forgot it immediately. Vivi tried to exhale and manipulate the warmth. He saw a black mist forming in front of his face.

"Okay, now spread out." He ordered the mist. The black cloud was rebellious. It stayed in the same spot where it had formed.

"I said move!" He said through gritted teeth. The mist moved. It wrapped itself around Vivi's face. Vivi fell over backwards.

"Ahh, I can't see!" He yelled. Zma smacked his head.

"We'll continue this tomorrow Vivi." He said. He raised his hand and moved it sideways and the darkness moved with it. He snapped his fingers and the black cloud disappeared. He opened his left hand and darkness poured out of it and quickly covered the room and made it as dark as night.

"Making darkness in the light might be to difficult for you, tomorrow we'll do it in the dark."