Chapter 19 moonstruck and Num-nuts

"You look moonstruck Vivi, is everything okay?" Zero asked. Vivi looked at his best friend with a raised eyebrow.

"What does that mean?" The blonde Vitel asked. Zero grinned.

"It's my new word. It means sad or depressed. I think it sounds aploshions." He said. Vivi rolled his eyes. He was about to comment, but December spoke first.

"Way to go num-nuts, you made up an already existing word." The Kishi no Hyouga said as he hit Zero in the back of the head. Zero ignored his friend's violent sign of affection.

"Okay then so what does it mean?" He asked.

"It means you're like a lunatic. Luna does mean moon so it does make sense in its own weird way." December explained. Zero pouted.

"Aw, I thought I made up an awesome word, but it already exists." He sighed. Vivi put his hand on Zero's shoulder.

"Its okay Zero, I'll still use your version of moonstruck, maybe Sky can put it in his anti-Webster dictionary." Vivi reassured. Zero grinned.

"Maybe he will." The Reidomaru replied.

"So anyways, why are you looking 'moonstruck' Vivi?" December asked changing the subject. Vivi sighed.

"I think I failed that stupid test in gym, and I never really liked English." He replied. The three had just come out of their English class, which was taught by the Vitel clan Elder Zma. Since they were from the same clan, Zma was very hard on Vivi. He had been yelled at like 5 times, and he heard Shinzo chuckling in the back of the room. If Kai wasn't in with Dr. Rasnir he would have joined in with his thunder clan friend. Gato was also with Kai and Vivi wondered how his friend was. It was lunch time now, and Gato hated to miss out on a chance to eat. It helped him sleep. As the Vivi entered the cafeteria he heard a gasp of shock come from December.

"What are you doing?" He asked. Vivi looked at what December was looking at. It was Gato! It looked like Gato had a cigar in his mouth, but at closer examination Vivi realized it was an egg-roll. Gato shifted his eyes and then looked at December.

"Eating?" He replied.

"Well, I can see that, but why?" December inquired.

"Uh…cuz I'm hungry?" Gato replied sounded a bit irritated.

"Not why why, but why?" December asked exasperated. Gato's jaw dropped.

"That is the weirdest thing you have ever said." He said. December sighed. Vivi decided it was time to step in.

"I think December is wondering why your out of the infirmary so fast." He suggested. December nodded.

"Oh, that's what you mean. Well Dr. Rasnir has a very efficient healing spell. All of the wounds that Mr. Moron inflicted on me were gone pretty quickly; the only downside is the patient gets really hungry afterwards. That being said, I'm gonna go get another egg-roll." Gato explained. With that he got up and disappeared. Vivi shook his head.

"Great, that means Zohn's gonna be fine, and he'll probably eat all the chocolate." He complained. Then Zero smacked his head.

"Oh yeah, I found a video on the internet yesterday. I haven't watched it yet, but it has an egg-roll dancing to the peanut-butter jelly time song. I downloaded it onto my Jolteon so we can watch it here." He said. He reached into his pocket and took out his Jolteon. A Jolteon was a device made by Eon Corp. that can download music, and videos off the internet. It consists of a mini sized satellite dish with an antenna jutting out from the center. The mini dish functions as a screen and the Jolteon comes with magnetic lightning bolt shaped head phones, which makes them easier to keep track of. Zero took one of the ear pieces and put it in his ear, and gave the other to December. December put it in his ear. Zero started playing the video and an egg-roll appeared on the screen and started moving back and forth. Vivi thought it was funny, and so did his friends. They were singing along to the song with big smiles on their faces. Suddenly however, they stopped singing, and their smiles turned upside down.

"What happened, you guys look moonstruck?" Vivi asked. Zero shook his head.

"We got Rick Rolled." He explained.

"Rick Rolled?" Vivi echoed. Zero sighed.

"You get Rick Rolled when you're watching a video, or listening to a song and then Never Gonna Give You Up starts playing unexpectedly." He explained. Vivi nodded to show that he understood. He thought it sounded stupid, but whatever. It was then that Gato came back. He noticed the moonstruck faces of Zero and December.

"Hey num-nuts what happened?" He asked. December didn't even bother with a retort.

"We got Rick Rolled." He answered. Gato's eyes widened.

"Oh that's harsh guys. I'm sorry, but it could be worse. You could have lost the game as well." He replied. Zero, December and Vivi all glared at Gato with anger.

"GATO YOU STUPID CAT, YOU MADE US LOSE THE GAME!" December bellowed at him. Gato scratched his head.

"Oh my bad." He apologized and continued eating his egg-roll. Vivi smacked his head.

"How did I get mixed up with these idiots?" He muttered.

"I ask myself that all the time." A voice said behind him. Vivi jumped and saw Sky Ventus standing behind him.

"Hey num-nuts." He greeted. Vivi rolled his eyes.

"What is with you guys and saying num-nuts today?" He asked.

"And moonstruck." Zero added. Vivi nodded.

"Yes, Zero and moonstruck." Vivi agreed. Sky looked confused.

"Moonstruck, doesn't that mean crazy?" He asked. Vivi nodded.

"Why else do you think we used it?" He murmured.

"It's my new word. It means sad, but according to December Webster already took it." Zero explained. Sky slammed his right fist onto his left hand.

"The bastards, I'll put moonstruck in my new dictionary." He promised Zero. Zero grinned.

"Thank Sky." He said. Vivi looked up at the sky.

"Why me?"