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Chapter 1

Every morning begun the same annoying way. My roommate Alexandria jumped on my queen-sized bed attempting to wake me up for the third time today.

"Tali, Tali come on wake up! Its 6:00 in the morning, you have to wake up," Alex shouted, "You don't want to be late for school do you?"

My name is Natalia, and I'm 16 years old. I've been an orphan all of my life, never knowing exactly how my parents died. All I'm aware of is that they were brutally murdered by some type of unknown animal. I've moved from family, to family, to family and none of the families could handle me. What a shame it is, I know. However, despite that, I've always had Alex with me. Even though she does have a tendency to piss me off, I try to ignore it.

I covered my head with my pillow; my long, black hair that reaches my mid back was in a pony tail stuck out from under my pillow. I mumble, "Alex, what the hell are you doing? Class doesn't start until 9 o'clock. Why are you waking me up so early," I asked

"Because you always pull this crap every morning, you always say you'll get up but you never do until the last possible moment," she pouted back.

"A girl's gotta get her beauty sleep, ya know?"

She rolled her eyes and grabbed my ponytail and yanked it, pulling me off of my bed, making me fall on the cold, hard maple wood floor.

I started rolling on the floor holding my bottom, "What the freaking hell Alex! I think you broke my ass with that one," I shouted.

She shrugged, "Well, you forced me to do it. You wouldn't get your lazy butt up."

"I forced you, my ass, you didn't have to do crap you could've let me sleep!" I complained thinking I wouldn't be able to get off the floor.

"Oh stop you complaining and go take a shower while I make breakfast," she said as she helped me get off the floor.

"Oh whatever, make me a good breakfast," I said as I started going through my clothes deciding what to wear.

She shouted back at me, "Don't I always?"

I smiled at her last comment; she always has taken care of me. Alex has been there for me, ever since we were little kids, no older than 9. She always took care of me. Her mother took me in and I've lived with Alex since. Then she got emancipated at 16 so I moved in with her and we again became roommates.

I walked next door to my room into the bathroom. I slipped out of my pajamas and stepped in the shower turning the water on until it was lukewarm. I stood there staring in space for about a good 15 minutes before I hear Alex call me.

"Talia, breakfast is ready, hurry up and get out of the shower!"

I broke out of my trance and cleaned myself and quickly stepped out onto the cold tile floor. As I step onto it, I slip and fall onto the floor, falling onto my ass once again. I scream in pain as I sit on the floor.

I hear Alex snickering in the kitchen then she finally stops to take a breath. "Are you ok in there, you didn't slip again did you," she went into another fit of laughter as I sat there rolling my eyes.

"I'm just freaking peachy and shut up in there!" She kept laughing.

After a minute or so of sitting there, I got up and dried off. I put on my clothes that I selected which was a pair of black skinny jeans with a skull patch on the left thigh and a black fitted t-shirt that hugged my body. I put on a black 'Bullet for my Valentine' hoodie over that.

I grabbed all of my things and dropped my stuff off in my room and rushed to the kitchen straight ahead. I saw Alex sitting at our small round glass table nibbling on some toast with jelly on it. When she saw me, she snickered quietly to herself.

I looked at her and just said, "Hardy har har," and grabbed a paper that was set out for me and put 2 pieces of toast, some eggs, and bacon on it. I grabbed the jelly and started smothering it on the toast and then I sat across from Alex and started eating.

Breakfast was calm as usual; Alex and I talked about school and the people who inhabited it. A few laughs here and there, the usual.

After breakfast, I finished getting ready for school. I brushed my hair and put it in a messy ponytail like I would usually and but a little bit of eyeliner and mascara on. I grabbed my black low top converse and put those on and grabbed my plain black book bag and walked out of the door.

It was strange; a boy with short messy hair wearing all black was just glaring at me like I had done something to him. I've never seen him around here before but it didn't matter to me. I just ignored him and walked to school. However he was going the same way I was and was following right behind me. At first it was kind of creepy but then I started to enjoy it; having a hot guy following me.

I wonder what today holds for me…

Well that's that i hope you liked it!