Soul Executioners

A black haired boy by the name of Kenji stood astonished. He was looking at a a transparent samurai, or the spirit of one! The samurai raised his sword and readied his self to strike. Kenji closed his eyes ready to die, he was going to see his brother sooner then he thought. Kenji could see a bright flash through his closed eyelids. He slowly opened his eyes to the sight of his brother. Only transparent and no older than when he died.

"Kouji is that you!?" Kenji asked reaching out a hand. He gasped as his hand passed through his brother.

"Yes it's me now take this and say Soul Mirror!" The spirit of Kouji stated throwing a blue and gold band to his brother.

The band clasped onto Kenji's wrist with a bright flash.

"Um... Soul Mirror!" Kenji muttered.

In front of Kouji's transparent body a mirror stood. It towered over the samurai before trapping it within.

"Now say Soul Sword!" Kouji commanded his brother.

"Uh... Okay, Soul Sword!" Kenji yelled.

A transparent sword with a strange greenish, bluish, yellowish aura around it materialized into Kouji's hand. Kouji swung the sword around ounce then twice and finally he hit the mirror.

"Kenji quickly say..." Kouji started.

"SOUL SERGE!" Kenji finished and the mirror shattered all that was left was floating particles.

The particles formed into a sphere and collided with Kenji's body. The heavy blue aura that had been around the scene faded and Kenji looked up at his floating brother in amazement.

My name is Kenji a year ago my twin brother Kouji died. I had never been so sad in my entire life! Although I could feel that my brother was still there but I couldn't see him. I had been the talk of the town and school until... That day when my brother came back to me, well at least his spirit did. I am tired of being the lonely twin Kenji! But Kouji has come back and together we will protect the spirit and human world! Our friends and we are Soul Executioners!

Kenji sat on his brother's tombstone looking up at him.

"I don't feel good sitting on a tombstone Kouji." Kenji whined as his brother paced back and forth reading a book.

"It's okay Kenji, it's not like I'm occupying it!" Kouji chuckled continuing to read his book.

"Here it is, the chapter about the Soul Executioners... listen. As your are allowed in the spirit world and in the human world without being seen. You can only be truly free if your soul is attached to a human. That human therefore becomes a Soul Executioner. Although you the spirit will be under the control of a human, doing whatever they please. The only way to break this bond is to kill the human and take their life!" Kouji finished the paragraph and closed the book.

He then tossed it to his grave-sitting brother saying.

"Here put this back." Kenji barely caught it and placed it on his brother's grave, surprisingly it sunk through the soil.

"Kouji what happened earlier?" Kenji asked his brother as he sat next to him on the tombstone.

"Well you are a Soul Executioner, my Executioner. So, I do what you want me to do. Naturally it's fighting other executioners and their spirits." Kouji explained jumping of his tombstone and stepping on his grave.

A light shone brightly from within the grave.

"Brother come with me." Kouji pleaded his hand outstretched.

Kenji hesitated as he watched his brother sink through the soil. He sighed before jumping in after his brother.

Kenji yelled as he fell through before noticing that his feet were actually on the ground. The spirit world was like the human world. Just with a red sky and moon and the occasional spirit and human walking by chatting with each other... CHATTING! What was going on here humans are afraid of spirits.

"Kenji forget the stereotype of humans are afraid of spirits. Don't say you weren't I know you!" Kouji commanded.

"Whatever Kouji what are we doing here anyway?" Kenji asked looking around.

"I want you to talk with a friend of mine and her spirit." Kouji replied grabbing his brother's hand.

Kenji after a while willingly followed his twin brother to a tower. A huge silver tower, where the now blue moon, and sky reflected off of it. Kenji could make out two figures, a solid and one transparent figure on the roof of the tower. Kouji smiled and turned to his brother. His smile turned into a frown. "I must warn you now that this tower is never ending. That is if you planned to walk up it." Kouji chuckled allowing his smile back onto his face.

"Isn't there an alternative?" Kenji asked.

"Yes there is brother, soul spells are the answer!" Kouji replied smiling brighter.

"Uh... just raise your hand and say Soul Flight!" Kouji told his brother.

Kouji raised his hand and with the words "Soul Flight" he was soon flying through the air. But it wasn't him his brother was flying up the side of the building. He could see his reflection in the silver of the tower. Kenji felt a pain in his heart as he looked at his brother's reflection. He looked as he looked everyday before he died, happy. He was happy to be alive and to have Kenji as his brother. But now he was gone, or was he?

Kouji soon landed onto the smooth silver roof of the tower.

"Who's there!" A grumpy female voice sounded behind a wall.

"Stop acting like you own this tower! I need your help." Kouji yelled back.

"With what? Have you found your executioner?" The female asked coming from behind the wall. She at first hadn't noticed it until she got a better look.

"You have a twin?" She exclaimed touching Kenji's face while occasionally looking at Kouji.

"Yes I have a twin and we came here to speak to you." Kouji demanded the girl's attention.

But she continued.

"Sakura listen to me!" Kouji yelled at the girl.

She stopped her touching of Kenji's face and frowned at Kouji.

"What is it?" She finally asked.

"My brother is my executioner yes. But I'm not surely positive he can do it." Kouji said in almost a whisper.

"What, you don't believe in me!" Kenji exclaimed.

Kouji turned to his brother and nervously replied.

"No not so much that but, you've never been that good at any thing." Kenji marched past his brother and to, Sakura, the black haired girl.

"I... uh... challenge you to a battle." Kenji muttered to the girl.

Sakura smiled and simply said to the boy "Okay."

"No Sakura you can't." Kouji tried.

"Shut up Kouji, let me and your brother work." Sakura replied walking a fine distance away from Kenji and Kouji.

"Rise my handsome white tiger!" Sakura yelled as a tombstone dissolved into the air.

Blue particles swirled out of the tombstone and a huge Siberian white tiger materialized onto the roof.

"Let's go Kouji!" Kenji yelled and his brother awaited command.

"My white tiger, Soul charge." Sakura yelled to her beast.

The tiger opened his mouth as a silver ball of hot energy formed in it.

"Release!" Sakura yelled and the ball was shot at the two brothers.

"Uh... Soul Mirror!" Kenji yelled remembering the earlier battle.

A silver mirror stood in front of Kouji. It towered over the tiger trapping it at first, but soon shattering thus releasing the white tiger…

"Okay... Soul Sword!" A transparent sword dissolved into Kouji's hand.

He swung the sword violently at the tiger. He slashed and slashed but the tiger seemed to heal somehow.

"You can't beat me forfeit, now Soul Charge!" Sakura stated as her tiger launched another ball of energy.

"Soul Serge Kouji now!" Kenji yelled.

Kouji slashed the tiger and he exploded into blue particles. That is until he re-materialized into his tiger self.

"Let's end this challenge my tiger! Soul Bite!" Sakura yelled.

The teeth on the tiger became thrice it's original size. The white tiger opened his mouth and closed it very quickly. Kouji yelled as he was caught in the tiger's invisible attack. Just then Kenji remembered; two weeks before Kouji died the two brothers had been playing around a temple. On a crumbling wall of the temple Kenji had seen words that had not bothered him until this day.

"Let's try this! Soul-Tex!" Kenji yelled as a golden kryptex dissolved in front of Kouji.

Kenji yelled as the kryptex spun it's plates, and as it spun the white tiger started to dissolve, as well as the Spirit world or at least that part of the spirit world.

The brothers stood in complete awe as the spirit world dissolved into small blue particles. "Revive!"Sakura yelled as she jumped into a vortex. Her spirit trailing afterward fully healed and no longer dissolving. "What have I done?" Kenji asked. "Never mind that Kenji quickly get us out of here!" Kouji yelled back. "But how?" Kenji asked frightened. "Just say soul...." Kouji soon started to dissolve. "Brother, just say what?!" Kenji yelled, but no response came back. "Uh... Soul... S-soul... Soul Gossamer!" Kenji stuttered. A silver and blue light shone as the spirit world shattered into particles. The Soul-Tex curse had stopped. But now the spirit world's particles were being sucked into Kenji's band. "Release!" Kenji and Kouji yelled as red particles were released from the band. The particles soon formed the grave yard where Kouji's body was buried. Apparently they had been transported somehow back to the human world.

"Are you okay Kouji?" Kenji asked his transparent brother.

"I'm fine Kenji, my body is tingling a little though.

"Kouji this whole Soul Executioner thing is going to be tough." Kenji confessed.

"I know brother but together we can do it." Kouji smiled as he said this.

Kenji couldn't help but to smile as well. Kenji's hand glowed as he touched his brother's hand. He helped Kouji from off the grass of the graveyard. "I hope this works out Kouji. As well as I hope we never part again." Kenji thought as he smiled at his brother.

To Die Another Day: My brother is back! But what if me being a Soul Executioner and all I can bring my brother back to life. But other than that have we destroyed the spirit world with the Soul-Tex curse. But most of all what is the Soul-Tex curse!