Tear Me Apart

Verse 1:
I only have a simple wish,
and it's to talk to you,
and by the way you look at me,
I think you want that too.

There are too many options,
Too many paths to choose,
and one of my great fears in life
Is that I pick one and I loose,
I wait for something to come my way,
Anything, any kind of sign,
but day by day I'm left waiting,
And then I slip away.

Verse 2:
I'm so sick of all the fakes,
All the truths hidden in lies,
Why is it so damn hard
To discard the disguise.


Verse 3:
So now I guess I give up,
and maybe I'll give in,
'Cause it seems to be the only way
That I will ever win.


Broken hearts never bleed,
And broken souls don't sigh,
if that's so true to everyone,
then maybe I'll just die.

Chorus (repeat until fade)


A/N: I don't know what gave me this inspiration, but I just thought of it and was like, "Oh, I need to write this down!" :) I'm glad I did. Reviews are love.